Gujarati Literature Books for UPSC: Gujarati Literature Books for IAS Mains Optionals

By Shubhra Anand Jain|Updated : April 7th, 2022

Gujarati Literature Books for UPSC are the major resource for the candidates who are preparing for the exam with the Gujarati optional subject as these books will give the beneficial study material and will clear your concepts. However, the candidates from Gujarat choose Gujarati Literature optional as they have studied the language since school and are familiar with it. 

While picking up the best Gujarati Literature UPSC Books, you should know that it covers all the topics of the syllabus and concepts that are depicted with examples. Make sure you have a proper understanding of all the topics so that you can answer effectively along with the user-friendly examples. Let’s check the compiled list of Gujarati Literature Books for UPSC which will help you in preparing for your upcoming exam.

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Gujarati Literature UPSC Books for Paper 1

There are some recommended books for the Gujarati Literature Paper of UPSC Mains Syllabus that will help you in preparing for your exam. We have mentioned Gujarati Literature Optional Books for both the papers below. 

  • Arvachin Gujarati Sahitya ni Vikas Rekha (Adhunik ane Aadhunik Pravaho)
  • Bhasha Parichay Ane Gujarati Bhashanu Swarup- Jayant Kothari
  • Bhasha Vigyan- Jayant Kothari
  • History of Gujarati Literature- Dhirubhai Thakar
  • Loksahitya- Pamphlets
  • Madhyakalin Gujarati Literature- Vasuben Trivedi book
  • Madhyakalin Gujarati Sahitya No Itihas- Dr Ramesh M
  • Sattar Sahitya Swarup- Prasad Brahmbhatt

UPSC Gujarati Literature Booklist for Paper 2

The following UPSC Books for Gujarati Literature optional cover all the topics mentioned in Paper 2. You must also go through the UPSC Previous Year Question Papers to understand what kind of questions are asked. 

  • AkheGeeta – Akho
  • Ashwatthama – Sitanshu Yashaschandra
  • Chandra-Chandrawati Varta – Shamal
  • Dhvani – Rajendra Shah
  • Farbas Virah – DalpatRam
  • Hind Swaraj – Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi
  • Janantike – Suresh Joshi
  • Kaavya ni Shakti – RamNarayan Vishvanath Pathak
  • Kadambari – Balan

Gujarati Literature Books for UPSC PDF

Candidates can easily download the list of the best Gujarati Literature Books for UPSC from the link given below. Here is a compiled list of books that will help candidates in preparing for their exams. 

Download UPSC Gujarati Literature Booklist PDF

How to Prepare with Gujarati Literature Books for UPSC?

Preparation tips are very important for the candidates who are preparing for the upcoming exam. Candidates should have complete knowledge of how to make use of books in the best manner. You must solve the questions using UPSC Question Papers and some of the preparation tips are given below.

  • Once you are done with the syllabus portion, you must start solving previous years papers so that you can understand the quality and pattern of questions asked in the exam.
  • Make a habit of practicing mock test papers as it will help you to assess yourself and will get to know about your weaknesses and strong points so that you can prepare for them accordingly. 
  • You should analyze and understand the complete syllabus properly and then prepare accordingly. 
  • Pick up the best reference books, study materials and guides so that you can prepare yourself well. 
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  • The best Gujarati Literature Books for UPSC are as follows- Arvachin Gujarati Sahitya ni Vikas Rekha (Adhunik ane Aadhunik Pravaho), Bhasha Vigyan by Jayant Kothari, Madhyakalin Gujarati Literature by Vasuben Trivedi book, Janantike by Suresh Joshi, Kaavya ni Shakti by RamNarayan Vishvanath Pathak, AkheGeeta by Akho and Ashwatthama by Sitanshu Yashaschandra. With the help of these preparation books, you can prepare well for your exam.

  • If you want to choose the best Gujarati Literature books for UPSC, you need to follow below given points carefully-

    • Find on the internet: To get the best books for exam preparation, go and search on the internet. With the help of the internet, you will get to know the best books.
    • Ask someone who has knowledge of the Gujarati books: One can ask from someone who knows about the best Gujarati books as he or she will suggest you the best books.
    • Take help from your mentors and teachers: Ask your mentors or teachers who have knowledge of Gujarati as they will recommend the best books for Gujarati . 
  • There is one book by Jayant Kothari that are highly preferred by toppers - 

    • Bhasha Vigyan by Jayant Kothari

    Candidates find books for Gujarati Literature UPSC booksby Jayant Kothari appropriate to cover the UPSC Gujarati Literature Syllabus in a comprehensive and efficient manner.

  • The best UPSC Gujarati Literature Books for History Literature are as follows-

    • Mahakavi Premanand rachit Sudamacharitra Written by Chandrakant bhatt.
    • Prachin Fagukavya VasantVilas Written by Chandrakant bhatt.
    • Hind Swaraj Written by Mahatma Gandhi.
    • Gujarati Sahitya Ni Vikasrekha Bhag 1 Written by Dhirubhai Thakar.
    • Gujarati Sahitya Ni Vikasrekha Bhag 2 Written by Dhirubhai Thakar.

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