Explain the Role of Women in Nazi society. Return to Chapter 1 on the French Revolution. Write a Paragraph Comparing and Contrasting the Role of Women in the Two Periods

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In Nazi Germany, children were told that women were radically different from men. On the other hand, during French Revolution, demands were raised for social and political equality for women and an end to male domination. The role of women in Nazi society and French Revolution are given in the table below:

Role of women in Nazi society

Role of Women in French Revolution

Girls were taught to become good mothers and rear pure-blooded Aryan children.

Women's second-class status was confirmed by the Napoleonic Code.

They had to maintain the purity of the race.

They took the advantage of events to force their way to swore oaths of loyalty, into the political sphere, and affirmations of the political responsibilities of citizenship.

They had to distance themselves from Jews.

They were in the forefront of a crowd demanding "bread and the Constitution of 1793.

Girls were told to look after the home, and teach their children Nazi values.

They assumed a special role in the funeral of Marat, carried the bathtub in which he died, as well as a shirt stained with his blood.

They were the bearers of the Aryan culture and race.

Women participated in the procession that "passed through the halls of the Legislative Assembly, into the Tuileries Garden, and then through the King's residence.

Women who produced racially desirable children were awarded whereas those who bore racially undesirable children were punished.

They demanded for the price controls to keep bread, the major food of the poor people from becoming too expensive.

Role of Women in Nazi Society and the French Revolution

In Nazi Society: Women were encouraged for the creation of large families and to leave the workforce. They were awarded with a gold for giving birth to eight or more children, silver for six, and bronze for giving birth to four children.

In French Revolution: Women's clubs were banned and the movement was crushed by the assembly. A militant group on the far left, the Society of Revolutionary Republican Women demanded a law in 1793 that would compel all women to wear the tricolour cockade to demonstrate their loyalty to the Republic. It supported the Jacobins, staged demonstrations in the National Assembly and took part in the October 1789 March to Versailles.

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