Exam Day Tips

By Saurabh Singh|Updated : June 17th, 2017

Hi friends, hope you all are prepared for the big day tomorrow. I will like to share with you some exam day tips or Do’s and Don’ts in exam hall. Some points mentioned herein have already been covered in various Articles but they beg repetition because of their importance.

  • Carry along with you at least two Black ball point pen, water (to keep you hydrated), wristwatch and even Disprin-just in case you need it.
  • Be seated in the exam hall/class at least 15 minutes before 09:30 A.M and 2:30 P.M. This will give you ample time to comply with attendance and other formalities and fill in the OMR/Answer sheet with important details viz Roll number, Exam centre etc.
  • Don’t arrive late at venue or else you will get anxious and will have less time to answer the paper resulting in inadvertent errors and will be in rush to comply with above-mentioned formalities resulting in typographical errors like filing in wrong roll number or bubbling error.
  • Don’t forget to write and bubble the question booklet set on your answer sheets.
  • While answering you can follow three stage process. In round one, solve questions you are absolutely sure of. In round two solve questions which you are reasonably certain of. In round three take your time, dig into your memory and make educated guesses if you can narrow it down to two options. But do not resort to blind guessing under any circumstances.
  • Bubble simultaneously. Don’t keep it for the end because that increases the likelihood of mistakes.
  • Once you are done with bubbling, don’t re-read the question as you cannot change your answer marked with pen and reading the question again will only stress you out.
  • In case of incomprehension read the same question in other language (Hindi or English). This may provide you clarity.
  • Stay relaxed. Take deep breath whenever you feel nervous and you will do fine.





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