Define Contour Ploughing

By Esha Dhawan|Updated : September 1st, 2022

Contour ploughing is a farming practice that involves ploughing the land along contour lines. These contour lines are designed to create a water break to reduce the formation of gullies and rills during heavy rainfall. The planting in contour ploughing is done perpendicularly to the slope instead of in the parallel direction. This is done to prevent soil erosion and its consequences, such as reduced crop productivity, worse water quality, flooding, and habitat loss.


Contour ploughing involves ploughing the land along contour lines 

Therefore, contour ploughing is sustainable agriculture and a soil preservation technique. Some other sustainable agriculture techniques include strip cropping, terrace farming, and the use of a cover crop.


Define Contour Ploughing

Contour ploughing is a sustainable agriculture technique that helps in preventing soil erosion and its negative effects. This technique involves planting the land along the contour lines to prevent the formation of gullies after heavy precipitation.

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