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By Saurabh Singh|Updated : November 21st, 2017

I have been giving UPSC 2017 mains question for answer writing practice, instead of questions from the articles posted. Till further notice we will try to cover mains questions. These are the actual questions asked in UPSC CSE 2017 so please write questions and get them reviewed by us. In case of any doubt feel free to tag us. All the best.

Article 1: Growing tiny tumours in the lab could help treat cancer

Link: https://www.economist.com/news/science-and-technology/21731379-tumouroids-mimic-real-cancers-much-more-closely-traditional-cell

Article 2: Adverse observations on domestic facilities: Tackling the USFDA regulatory heat

Link: http://indianexpress.com/article/india/adverse-observations-on-domestic-facilities-tackling-the-usfda-regulatory-heat-4946879/

Article 3: Banning combination drugs: A high-stakes case in point

Link: http://indianexpress.com/article/india/health-ministry-india-ban-drug-combination-supreme-court-4946902/

Article 4: Farm policies for India

Link / http://indianexpress.com/article/opinion/columns/farm-policies-for-indian-agriculture-sector-pm-narendra-modi-4946854/

Hindi Articles

Article 5 CPEC को नुकसान नहीं पहुंचा रहा भारत, पाक जनरल के आरोप गलत: चीन

Link https://www.bhaskar.com/indian-national-news-in-hindi/news/NAT-NAN-china-pakistan-army-general-allegation-on-raw-cpec-5750665-PHO.html


  1. Mob violence is emerging as a serious law and order problem in India. By giving suitable examples, analyze the causes and consequences of such violence. (250 words, 15 marks)
  2. The scourge of terrorism is a grave challenge to national security. What solutions do you suggest to curb this growing menace? What are the major sources of terrorist funding? (250 words, 15 marks)


  1. मोब हिंसा भारत में एक गंभीर कानून और व्यवस्था की समस्या के रूप में उभर रही है। उपयुक्त उदाहरण देकर, ऐसे हिंसा के कारणों और परिणामों का विश्लेषण करें। (250 शब्द, 15 अंक)
  2. राष्ट्रीय सुरक्षा के लिए आतंकवाद का संकट एक गंभीर चुनौती है क्या आप इस बढ़ते खतरे को रोकने के लिए सुझाव देते हैं? आतंकवादी वित्तपोषण के प्रमुख स्रोत क्या हैं? (250 शब्द, 15 अंक)


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