Word Groups Instructions

By : Ashish Rawat

Updated : Feb 18, 2021, 12:36

Word group is an assessment that includes questions to form groups of similar or dissimilar events, things, places, etc. To understand more about it, refer to the word groups instructions book. Word groups instructions online tests and quizzes with soulutions are also readily available, keeping in account previous year's questions. Ensure that you regularly solve word groups instructions GATE questions and answers pdf to gain confidence over the topic. It is also important that you pay attention to Word Groups Instructions study material for GATE CE to better understand the topic. Word Groups Instructions is a regular topic in various engineering entrance exams. 

Important Word Group Instructions Topics for GATE CE

We have listed the important topics for GATE CE of word group instructions:



Idioms and Phrases

An idiom or phrase means a collection of words or figures whose meaning is understood by native speakers.


A group of words carrying a unique set of meaning.


Miscellaneous questions cover a good portion. It demands mental reasoning abilities. You can have questions related to alphabets, nature, colours and much more under this topic.

Tips to Prepare for Word group Instructions for GATE CE

Here we share with you some easy tips and tricks to gain expertise over this section.

  • Having good notes is mandatory. And thus, refer to good and brief word groups instructions notes for GATE CE pdf.
  • It is very important to check the word groups instructions GATE CE syllabus. It will help you in preparing as per the weightage in the examination.
  • The best way to gain confidence over any topic is to solve many test papers. Thus, make sure that you solve at least weekly word-groups instructions GATE CE questions.
  • Solve enough crosswords and also engage in mental exercises. You can also make use of a few easily available brain games.

Importance of Word groups instructions in GATE

These exams not only help you score good marks in examinations. But also are quite helpful in day to day life. Out of this topic, at least 8 questions are expected, and the total marks allocated is 5.

Have a look at their important features -

  • This topic tests aspirant's speed and accuracy.
  • It tests the linguistic skills of the aspirant.
  • It boosts creativity and also helps to improve the speed, thus boosting problem-solving skills.
  • Many job profiles demand people take quick action over an issue.

Most Recommended Books for Word group Instruction for GATE CE

Few books that you should consider as reference books. These books are really good for your preparation.

Name of the Book

Author’s Name

Word Power made easy

Norman Lewis


Nimisha Bansal

The Ready Study goes by

Khurshed Bhatilwala and Dinesh Ghodke

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Q. How to prepare word groups instructions questions for computer science engineering?

This is an advantage because CS will already fill up the needs of logical thinking. Besides this stick to brief and detailed study notes.

Q. How to make notes for word groups instructions MCQ PDF?

For quick and thorough revision notes are a must. You can refer to online video lectures and ppts. Besides, that topper's notes are available in online stores. It is very important to regularly solve word groups instructions online quizzes to gain an edge over this topic. You can also try making word-groups instructions GATE notes which will be helpful in the exams.

Q. How do I prepare for GATE CE?

You should make a checklist of Word groups' instructions groups instructions and study material for GATE CE. Step by step, cover each topic and give an online test for those topics at the end of the week. Make sure that you solve the previous year’s word groups instructions mcq questions.

Q. Is it important to cover this topic, or can I leave it?

If you analyse the latest marks trends of previous examinations, you will see it is a regular topic and covers a good score. It only demands your reasoning and decision-making skills. Make sure that you check word groups instructions topics for GATE CE.

Q. How to avoid negative marking while solving word group instructions questions?

Practise is the key here. Also, try to read between the lines to avoid negative marking in this field. Make sure that you keep track of word groups instructions syllabus for GATE.