Water and Waste Water

By : Ashish Rawat

Updated : Feb 18, 2021, 4:47

Water and Wastewater is an essential part of the syllabus for all engineering examinations like GATE CE, computer science, ESS, and JEE. 71% of the earth is covered with water, but only 0.3% of the water is found to be usable for humans. Keeping in mind that this important natural resource is really limited in nature, we need to implement proper water management and treatment systems to preserve this natural resource for future generations. Wastewater is the liquid waste released by households, factories, and businesses, containing vegetable waste, chemicals, and other harmful substances. This article will tell you where to go for water and wastewater study material for GATE CE, water and wastewater GATE questions and answers, water and wastewater quiz, water and wastewater books to study, water and wastewater notes for GATE pdf, water and wastewater for computer science, and water and wastewater syllabus for GATE.

Important Water and Wastewater Terminology for GATE CE

Water and Wastewater syllabus for GATE CEoften includes questions from these definitions and terminologies.



Surface sources of water

These are the sources of water that are a result of rain, water from melted snow, and other natural phenomena. These are the sources of water that are found on the surface of the earth like ponds, lakes, oceans, and rivers, etc.

Underground sources of water

These are the sources of water that are found underground or beneath the surface of the earth, like wells, springs, and underground water, etc. These are usually referred to as sub-surface sources of water.

Water quality

Water quality is the testing of the quality of the water on the basis of the physical, chemical, and biological characteristics. These tests are done to see if water fits the expected requirements.

Wastewater treatment plants

Wastewater treatment plant is a treatment plant where contaminated wastewater is treated to make it fit for use. It purifies wastewater from biological, chemical, and physical contaminants.

Steps for water treatment

Water treatment follows a specific order of steps to reach households:

  1. Screening and primary filtration
  2. Primary sedimentation
  3. Advanced and secondary filtration
  4. Process of aeration
  5. Use of chlorine

Steps for wastewater treatment

Wastewater treatment follows 3 steps for treatment of wastewater:

  1. Primary treatment of wastewater
  2. secondary treatment of wastewater
  3. Tertiary treatment of wastewater

Tips to solve water and wastewater questions for GATE CE

These tips will help you prepare for water and wastewater online tests and quizzes, and help you solve water and wastewater questions and answers for GATE CE.

  • Read the question properly to understand the type of water source mentioned in the question.
  • Learn the steps of water and wastewater treatment properly, as they are usually asked in the examinations.
  • Practice last year's question papers and examinations to test your knowledge.
  • Practice water and wastewater treatment diagrams, as their labeling also frequently asked in examinations.

Importance of water and wastewater in GAT CE

Every engineering or science examination includes questions from the topics related to water and wastewater. So, they hold a lot of importance in competitive examinations.

  • There are many direct-definition questions asked from water and wastewater, so understanding definitions will help you score well in competitive examinations.
  • Every year, GATE CE, computer science examination, JEE, and ESE ask around 2-3 questions from topics related to water and wastewater.
  • Water and wastewater form the basics for many other engineering topics usually asked in examinations, so understanding water and wastewater is really important.

Most recommended Books for preparation of water and wastewater for GATE

The following books will help you prepare water and wastewater questions for GATE examinations:



Water and wastewater engineering

Mackenzie L Davis

Water and wastewater engineering

Sudha Goel

Water and wastewater technology

Mark J Hammer Sr. and Mark J Hammer Jr.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. What is the weightage of water and wastewater in competitive examinations?

On average, around 2-3 questions are from water, wastewater, and treatment of both in competitive examinations.

Q. Which all examinations include questions from water and wastewater?

Every engineering examination includes questions from water and wastewater. Following are a few examinations:

  • JEE Advanced
  • JEE Mains
  • CEC
  • GATE, and many more.

Q. What is the difficulty level of water and wastewater questions in examinations?

The difficulty level of these questions is high, but if you have a clear understanding of the topics, you can easily solve them and score well.

Q. What is the updated water and wastewater syllabus for GATE CE?

You can find water and wastewater syllabus for GATE and water and wastewater notes for GATE anytime on BYJU'S Exam Prep website.

Q.Are water and wastewater questions asked in the college entrance exams?

Yes, many engineering college entrance examinations include questions from water and wastewater syllabus.