Traffic Engineering

By : Ashish Rawat

Updated : Feb 18, 2021, 1:22

Traffic engineering means the use of engineering skills for the public safety and convenience of the public through, effective and efficient use of all the transportation services, and the effective movement of public and goods through different transportation options. It is usually required to use a combination of both engineering and management skills to design, operate and manage an efficient and effective traffic management system. It involves going through the regular traffic flow and traffic data to come up with an optimal solution that creates create form a good quality traffic system where all the transportation services are used effectively and efficiently. In layman's terms, a traffic engineer is a person who works towards environmental protection while also working towards providing effective mobility to people both public and goods. This article will help you prepare yourself for GATE examinations by providing traffic engineering tips and tricks for GATE, traffic engineering questions and answers pdf, traffic engineering books to study, traffic engineering notes for GATE pdf, traffic engineering topics for CE, traffic engineering notes for CE, and traffic engineering syllabus for GATE.

Important Topics of Traffic Engineering for GATE CE

Given below are some of the important topics for Traffic Engineering for GATE CE



Public Transport

It is the transport that is used by the majority of people every day. It is based on the concept of sharing and pooling to protect scarce resources and the environment. For example, buses and trains etc.

Intelligent Transport System

Intelligent transportation system makes the use of high tech devices, computers, and communication as well as vehicle technologies to manage traffic and transportation. It provides effective and efficient mobility and also protects the environment from the adverse effects of traffic and transportation.

5Es of Traffic Management

Traffic management is based on 5Es which are:

  • Environment
  • Engineering
  • Enforcement
  • Education
  • And Economics.

These 5Es are the pillars of an effective and efficient traffic management system.

Static Characteristics

Static characteristics are the characteristics of the vehicles that are physically visible like weight, dimensions, axle configuration, and vehicle turning radius.

Dynamic Characteristics

Dynamic characteristics are characteristics related to the performance of the vehicle like acceleration, speed, and brakes performance.

Traffic Control Equipment

These are the equipment that sare used by traffic engineers to communicate their ideas and words to users of the road. Different traffic control equipment used are traffic signals, signboardssign boards, and parking markings. etc.

Tips to Solve Traffic Engineering MCQ Questions for GATE CE

These tips and tricks will help you prepare for traffic engineering online quiz, traffic engineering for computer science, traffic engineering GATE questions, traffic engineering online test, and traffic engineering MCQ questions.

  • Understand the basics of traffic management before advancing to difficult topics.
  • Go through all the traffic control devices that are used like signs, and markings, etc.
  • Practice as much as possible from traffic engineering online quizzes as that will help you boost your confidence.

Importance of Traffic Engineering in GATE CE

  1. Many competitive examinations like GATE CE, computer science, and B.Tech, etc. include questions from the topics related to traffic management.
  2. On average, a total of 15 questions are asked from the topics related to traffic engineering in both the papers of GATE CE.
  3. The weightage of traffic engineering topics in previous year examinations was high impacting manytoo much that it affected a lot of applicants.
  4. So, studying traffic engineering topics properly will help you score well and be ahead of other applicants who ignored these topics.

Most Recommended Books for Traffic Engineering

There are many traffic engineering books available in the market to prepare traffic engineering for GATE CE. These recommended books will help you with traffic engineering notes for GATE and traffic engineering for computer science.



Principles of Transportation Engineering

Partha Chakroborty and Animesh Das

Principles, Practices and Designs of Highway Engineering

S.K Sharma

Traffic Engineering

William R. McShane

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. What is the weightage of traffic engineering in competitive examinations?

Usually, 15-20 questions are from the topics and sub-topics of traffic engineering in competitive examinations.

Q. Do college entrance examinations include questions from traffic engineering?

Yes, certain engineering college entrance examinations include questions related to traffic engineering like college entrance examinations for B.Tech and M.Tech, etc.

Q. Which is the most recommended book to prepare for traffic engineering at the undergraduate level?

Traffic engineering by William R. Mcshane is the best book to prepare for starting semesters at the undergraduate level.

Q. What was the past year's weightage of traffic engineering questions in the GATE examination?

Last year, around 15 questions were from the topics related to traffic engineering in GATE examination.

Q. Do B.Tech students study traffic engineering as part of their course?

Yes, traffic engineering is an essential part of the initial semesters of B.Tech degree. Usually, the basics of traffic and highway engineering are covered in the first year of B.Tech.