Structural Analysis

By : Ashish Rawat

Updated : Feb 18, 2021, 6:12

Structural analysis is defined as the evaluation of the effects of loads on physical forms and their parts. Physical forms refer to structures that can endure heavy loads, for example; high-rise buildings, container ships, bridges, etc. Hence, structural analysis forms a major part of civil engineering. Structural analysis for computer science and civil engineering is not only important for the GATE exam, but also to prepare for other competitive engineering exams. This article mentions important structural analysis topics for GATE CE, structural analysis GATE notes, structural analysis GATE syllabus, and structural analysis study material for GATE CE.

Important Structural Analysis Topics for GATE CE



Skeletal Structures

Skeletal structures in structural analysis refer to a type of structure that has linear as well as non-linear members as its components. In skeletal structures just one aspect is dominant, such as length. They can be studied by relying on the traditional methods, for example; displacement method, force method.

Surface structures

Surface structure refers to a type of structure where two measurements are predominant or considered, such as length and breadth.

Solid Structures

In this type of structure, all three measurements are taken into consideration, i.e., length, breadth, and height.

Pin jointed structures (trusses)

In these structures, the pressure is applied at a specific joint, which then is transferred to other components in axial directions. Trusses can’t endure shear forces or bending moments.

Rigid jointed structures

It is a type of structure in which all the elements are fixed together with the use of rigid joints, such as welded joints.

Tips to Solve Structural Analysis Questions for GATE

  1. Read the structural analysis syllabus for GATE and start with the most important topics such as slope and deflection method, trusses and arches, matrix method of structural analysis, and rolling loads.
  2. Solve previous year’s question papers, structural analysis GATE questions and structural analysis quiz. Get familiar with the GATE exam pattern.
  3. Pick up a good structural analysis book and start making structural Analysis notes for CE. Make it a habit to practice all topics.
  4. Carefully manage your time and properly revise your study material, notes, important sections.

Importance of Structural Analysis In GATE

  1. Structural analysis is a topic which forms the base for civil engineering as it deals with the strength and endurance of structures/buildings.
  2. Structural analysis carries a total weightage of 5-6 marks.
  3. Structural engineering carries 10% weightage in the GATE exam and includes topics like engineering mechanics, solid mechanics, structural analysis, and steel structure.
  4. The structural analysis questions for GATE CE help one learn how to choose the appropriate material for construction and understand the impact of different forces on a structure such as wind velocity, tremors, etc.

Most Recommended Books for Structural Analysis

Mentioned below is a list of important books to cover structural analysis thoroughly:



Structural Analysis 6th Edition

R. C. Hibbeler

Basic Structural Analysis 3RD edition

C.S. Reddy

Structural Analysis: A Matrix Approach

G.S. Pandit, S.P. Gupta

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Q1- What are some of the important topics in structural analysis for the GATE exam?

Some of the important topics include arches and cables, trusses, influence line diagrams, matrix method, and deflections of indeterminate structures. Before beginning with any topic, go through the entire syllabus for each section.

Q2- How much weightage does matrix method for structural analysis carry in the GATE exam?

The matrix method of structural analysis carries a total weightage of 2-3 marks.

Q3- How much time will it take to cover structural analysis for the GATE exam?

Structural analysis is a fundamental topic for civil engineering; hence, the syllabus is quite vast. Time taken to cover each topic depends on how much time and effort an individual is willing to put.

Q4- Where can I assess previous GATE question papers?

Previous papers for GATE are available on BYJU'S Exam Prep. Candidates can also solve online quizzes and MCQ questions on structural analysis.

Q5- When is the GATE exam conducted every year?

The GATE exam is conducted once every year, usually in the month of February.