Steel Structures

By : Ashish Rawat

Updated : Feb 18, 2021, 6:06

Steel Structures is a civil engineering topic and at the same time very crucial for the GATE exam. You have to prepare this topic very well by solving steel structure questions. Check the Steel Structures syllabus for GATE and then map out your timetable and study plan. Download Steel Structures MCQ pdf from the net and practice them. Make Steel Structures GATE notes with the help of your seniors or professors. You can find an ample amount of Steel Structures study material for GATE CE on the internet, so use them smartly.To know your readiness for the GATE exam, give the Steel Structures online test and Steel Structures quiz so you can alter your study plan accordingly. You can also takegive weekly test series to boost your spirit and to motivate yourself.

Important Steel Structures Topics for GATE CE

The following are the major Steel Structures topics for GATE CE:-



Bolted connections

Bolted connections are alluded to as concentric associations (power move in strain and pressure part), unpredictable associations (in response moving sections), or second, opposing associations (in the pillar to segment associations in casings)

Welded connections

Welded connections are associations whose parts are combined basically by welds. There are various types of welds such as groove, fillet, plug, and slot welds.

Eccentric connection

When a force does not pass through the CG of the joint then such joint conveys second notwithstanding a pivotal direct power. Such sort of associations are called Eccentric connections.

Tension and compression members

They are primary components that are exposed, to unadulterated tractable powers. Tension members are held straight by methods for tractable burdens, while in compression members, the compressive burdens will, in a general, curve the part out of the plane of stacking.

Tips to Solve Steel Structures Questions

Follow these simple tips to excel in the GATE exam:-

  • Refer to only standard Steel Structures books. Do a lot of research before relying on any books.
  • Revise all the topics as per the Structures GATE syllabus frequently.
  • Solve Steel Structures MCQ questions as soon as you cover any particular topic.
  • Keep track of your performance and never, never give up!
  • Read the question very properly and never answer any Steel Structures GATE questions in a hurry. Take your time.

Importance of Steel Structure questions in GATE Exam

The following are the importance of the Steel structure section:-

  • It holds a weightage of 20% in the GATE exam.
  • Many PSUs hire employees based on their GATE score.
  • The questions are very simple. The chances of scoring well are more in this section.
  • A civil engineer is expected to have a thorough knowledge of the steel structure.

Most Recommended Books for Steel Structures for GATE

The following books are mostly preferred by GATE aspirants:-



Design of Steel Structures

S. K. Duggal

Steel Structures: Design and Practice

N. Subramanian

Design of Steel Structures

S. S. Bhavikatti

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Success comes to those who work hard. Go through your Steel Structures notes for CE properly before your exam. You should regularly practice Steel Structures online quiz. The exam is not that tough. But don’t waste your time and just, focus on giving your best. Good luck!

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

Question 1. What is the marks distribution scheme of the GATE exam paper?

Answer. The marks are allocated, in the following manner:-



Question 1 – 25

25 marks

Question 26 – 55

60 marks

Question 56 – 60

5 marks

Question 61 – 65

10 marks


100 marks

Question 2. What is the effective length of a fillet weld?

Answer. The effective length of a fillet weld should be four times the weld size.

Question 3. How to make Steel Structures notes for CE?

Answer. First, you have to refer to many books. Then select the most appropriate one. Do the research and then jot down any important points and include them in your notes.

Question 4. What do you mean by steel structure?

Answer. It is a type of steel that is used for construction. It can be easily fabricated in any shape as per the need.

Question 5. What are the advantages of structural steel over concrete?

Answer. The following are the advantages of structural steel over concrete:-

  • It can be easily modified or altered.
  • The construction of structural steel takes less time than concrete.
  • It has a higher scrap value.