Sentence Completion

By : Ashish Rawat

Updated : Feb 20, 2021, 6:02

As the name suggests, sentence completion MCQ questions are the questions that require the student to complete the sentence asked by using the words given in the options. Such questions assess the skills such as readability and vocabulary of the student. These are simple questions that judge the student's percipience towards the speaking and overall general knowledge of the English language. Each question has one or more blanks that need to be filled using the options available; the most relevant of all options are considered to be correct. Sentence completion GATE questions are asked without fail in the GATE entrance examination. Moreover, sentence completion questions find their use in banking and other competitive examinations as well.

Important Sentence Completion Topics for GATE CE

The sentence completion syllabus for GATE 2021 is to go through the grammatical aspect of English subject thoroughly.



Types of tenses

Be aware of the tenses used for sentence formation: past tense, present tense, and future tense.

Types of sentences

Declarative (statement, strong opinion), Interrogative (Question), Exclamatory (exclamations), and Imperative (command, demand, or request).

Types of voices

Active or passive. The sentence completion depends on the type of voice used.

Depending on the requirements; the sentence needs to be completed using the best options available. Also, sentence completion GATE notes are available online to refer to and study.

Tips to Solve Sentence Completion Questions for GATE

Following are a few tips for sentence completion for GATE CE.

  • Divide the sentence into segments. The relationship between the segments signifies the meaning of the sentence. While completing the sentence, choose the word that brings the most meaning out of the sentence. This applies when the sentence is long or has two or more phrases.
  • Sometimes, the sentences have two or more blanks. The combinations of sets that match the question's requirement: synonyms, antonyms need to be selected.
  • Sometimes, the sentences carry a unique tone throughout. If sentence completion is required in such sentences, the word that amplifies the sentence's emphasis must be selected.

Sentence completion notes for GATE PDFs are available online from where you can learn various tips and tricks to solve the questions with 100% efficiency.

Importance of Sentence Completion in GATE

Every year the general aptitude section of GATE consists of at least 1 question from this section. Each question carries one mark. Below are the reasons why sentence completion MCQ questions are important for GATE 2021.

  • Easy to study, easy to score.
  • Least time-consuming.
  • The only prerequisite: logical answering.

Sentence completion online quiz will help hone your problem-solving skills.

Most Recommended Sentence Completion Books

Sentence completion study material for GATE CE can be obtained using a simple search online - but to obtain ever-lasting knowledge and fool-proof preparation, one must study books. Get hold of NCERT for studying the basics of grammar for sentence completion. Find the sentence completion books mentioned below to study sentence completion notes for CE.

Book and Author


English for General Competitions

Neetu Singh

Diamond English Grammar

Wakil Kumar Yadav

High School English Grammar

Wren and Martin

You must also take sentence completion online tests to prepare and excel in the GATE examination.

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Q. Where can I find sentence completion questions and answers PDF?

Various online websites offer sentence completion MCQ PDFs and question & answers PDFs for GATE preparation. BYJU'S Exam Prep, an online coaching centre, also provides various materials on this topic, such as sentence completion quizzes.

Q. If I were you, I _______ definitely buy the laptop; it is _____ every penny. Complete the sentence.

a) Might, worth

b) Would, worth

c) Can, valued

d) Could, good for

Ans. b) If I were you, I would definitely buy the laptop; it is worth every penny.

Q. Complete the sentence: Honesty is the ____ policy.

a) Good

b) Better

c) Best

d) Greatest

  1. c) Honesty is the best

Q. Is it enough to study only sentence completion for the GATE 2021 under the verbal aptitude section?

No, other grammar topics are also asked in the GATE 2021 examination.

Q. How to answer sentence completion questions when I don't know famous English phrases?

It helps to know a few English phrases during preparation, but you can attempt all correct answers if your basics are clear. All the well-known phrases follow grammar rules; hence, you can solve them without a glitch.