Numerical Estimation

By : Ashish Rawat

Updated : Feb 18, 2021, 7:37

Numerical Estimation is the ability to interpret numerical data/information and draw meaningful conclusions. The data can be presented to you in graphs, tables, problem statements, etc. in the GATE exam. Numerical estimations help in estimations of various materials, parameters, etc. according to the problem statement. It is an important part of the Numerical Ability part of the General Aptitude (GA) section of the GATE examination. Numerical Estimation for computer science is as important as it is for GATE papers of other streams. 

Numerical Approximation/Estimation has applications in all fields of engineering along with physical sciences. Numerology, interpretation, and estimation skills of GATE applicants will be checked via Numerical Estimation questions. Read on to know more about Numerical Estimation for GATE.

Important Numerical Estimation Topics for GATE CE



Arithmetic Operations

Numerical Estimation questions can be asked based on basic arithmetic operations. An example of a numerical estimation question is:

For the unit’s digit of 6*7*8*9 to be the same as the unit’s digit of 2*3*4*5, which digit should be incremented by 1?

Number Series

This type of question has a number series and you have to find the missing number in the sequence based on the series property.

Problem Statements

You will encounter problem statements in the GATE exam and you have to do a numerical estimation based on the scenario given. The problem statements can be long paragraphs and you have to identify the scenario, asked details, and given details.

Table & Graphical Questions

Data will be provided to you in the form of graphs and tables. Questions regarding the occurrence, frequency, precedence, etc. of data points can be asked in the GATE exam.

Tips to Solve Numerical Estimation Questions for GATE Exam

  • Practice previous year Numerical Estimation GATE questions to increase your speed and accuracy.
  • Practice Numerical Estimation online quizzes to enhance your estimation skills.
  • Hit and Trial method can be used to eliminate the wrong answers and solve Numerical Estimation MCQ questions quickly.
  • Read the question thoroughly and understand the given/asked details before solving the question.

Importance of Numerical Estimation in GATE CE

  • Numerical Estimation topics for GATE CE and other branches have many real-life applications. For example, numerical estimation skills are required for calculating the amount of lumber, mortar, etc., for any construction site.
  • Numerical Estimation also helps in cost estimation and thus building a budget.
  • Numerical Estimation questions will assess your critical thinking and interpretation ability.
  • Numerical Estimation questions will check your numerology skills. You will have to solve a significant number of GA questions in the given time.

Most Recommended Books for Numerical Estimation for GATE

Many publications offer Numerical Estimation study material for GATE CE and other branches. Some of the best Numerical Estimation books in the market are as follows:

Book Name


Rapid Quantitative Aptitude with Shortcut Tricks for Competitive Exams

Disha Experts

Quantitative Aptitude

R.S. Aggarwal

Teach Yourself Quantitative Aptitude

Arun Sharma

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Q. What kind of Numerical Estimation questions I will face in the GATE exam?

You will face Numerical Estimation questions based on reasoning and interpretation. Some of the Numerical Estimation questions will have a set of the given information and you have to draw conclusions.

Q. Are there any Verbal Numerical Estimation questions?

Numerical Estimation questions generally fall under the Numerical Ability part of the GA section of the GATE paper. The Verbal Ability part of the GATE exam consists of questions from English Grammar, Verbal Deduction, Verbal Analogies, etc.

Q. What is the best way to prepare Numerical Estimation for the GATE exam?

You should practice the previous year’s Numerical Estimation GATE questions and take online tests. You can download Numerical Estimation notes for GATE PDF from BYJU'S Exam Prep and start learning.

Q. Is complex calculation involved in Numerical Estimation questions?

Most of the Numerical Estimation questions test your critical thinking ability. Many Numerical Estimation questions have straightforward answers based on the information/data provided. Numerical Estimation questions judge how quickly you can interpret data and draw conclusions.

Q. What type of graph can be used in Numerical Estimation questions?

The data can be displayed to you in the form of tables or graphs in the GATE exam. Various types of graphs are used in the GATE exam like pie charts, histograms, bar graphs, mixed graphs, etc.