Numerical Computation

By : Ashish Rawat

Updated : Feb 18, 2021, 7:46

Numerical computation refers to applying the basic principles of arithmetic for solving mathematical questions. This includes problems with basic arithmetic like addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. The numerical computation notes for GATE PDF has numerical reasoning and quantitative ability. It includes a wide range of mathematical terms like percentage, ratios, powers, fractions, roots, exponents, decimals, numbers, etc. The numerical computation MCQs for GATE CE are an essential interdisciplinary aspect of GATE CE and hold a significant weightage in the Civil Engineering (CE) GATE Exam.

Important Numerical Computation Topics for GATE CE

The numerical computation syllabus for GATE mostly includes topics from mathematics and statistics and is a sub-set of numerical ability. Here are the most common topics on which questions are asked.




The ratio is a mathematical expression that helps in representing the relationship of two or more numbers. It is mostly expressed in the form of units or a fraction of the total value or percentage of the total number.


The percentage is a ratio or number expressed as a fraction of 100 and depicted by the symbol of %. The Percentage can be calculated by dividing a number by whole value and multiply by 100.

Powers and Exponents

The powers in mathematical terms show repeated multiplication of the same number. For example – 25 means 2 raised to the power of 5, which means 2 x 2 x 2 x 2 x 2.

The exponents help find how many times a number should be multiplied by itself to get a particular result.

Permutation and Combinations

The numerical computation GATE questions include permutation and combinations. It is the grouping of numbers or objects by placing them in a set and forming subsets. A permutation is selecting the data or object from a group, and a combination represents their order of representation.


The series is the sum of an infinite sequence of numbers. It includes different types of arithmetic series.

The numerical computation GATE syllabus is versatile, and it includes different types of arithmetic questions. The above five topics are the most important while preparing for numerical computation for GATE CE.

Tips to Solve Numerical Computation Questions for GATE

The numerical computation MCQ PDF has tons of questions and tips and tricks that help solve the problems. When it comes to numerical computation, it is all about applying shortcuts, saving time while solving the questions.

  • Practice more and learn all the tricks and shortcuts, which helps solve the questions in less time.
  • Mental math is a savior and hence helps in solving the questions with ease. The numerical computation GATE questions and answers PDF have ways to work on enhancing mental math.
  • Learn all the equations, formulas, and common values. The best way to hone skills is to practice and solve within a dedicated time frame.

Importance of Numerical Computation in GATE CE

  • These are scoring topics and can be solved easily using shortcuts and tricks. The topics like power and exponentials or series can be solved with mental calculation.
  • The numerical computation study material for GATE CE helps in preparing for many topics in the quant section.
  • The questions are easy to attempt and help in solving problems related to data interpretation or even reasoning.
  • Numerical computation topics for GATE CE have around 10 to 15% of weightage in the GATE Exam.

Most Recommended Numerical Computation Books for GATE

From the point of view of the GATE exam, the numerical computation book is mostly focused on the basic numerical ability and quant syllabus.

Name of book


Numerical Aptitude

R.S. Agarwal

Class 10th Book for Mathematics

R.D. Sharma

Numerical Ability and Mathematical Aptitude

A.B. Rao

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Q. How important is numerical computation?

It includes several topics that make it essential while preparing for the GATE Exam. It has 10 to 15% weightage.

Q. How to solve the questions quickly?

The numerical computation notes for CE have many shortcuts and tricks that help solve the questions faster.

Q. How scoring is the numerical computation section?

It is very scoring as it is less time-consuming, mostly applying mental math and shortcut tricks for solving the question.

Q. How to practice for the topic?

The numerical computation quiz and test papers help in practicing for the topic and effective preparation for the exam.

Q. How many questions come from the topic?

Generally, 5 to 10 marks are allotted for the numerical computation problems in the GATE competitive exam.