Municipal Solid Wastes

By : Ashish Rawat

Updated : Feb 18, 2021, 5:03

Solid waste is generally a mixture of physical components like ash, agricultural waste, toxic waste, and many more. It is a great threat to the environment, and thus, management needs to handle it wisely to ensure a safe environment. To understand more about it, you can refer to municipal solid wastes books.

Solid Waster MCQs are also a very important for various engineering exams like GATE, IES, etc. There are municipal solid wastes online tests available to ensure you have got a good grasp of the topic. It is important to have a municipal solid waste syllabus for GATE alongside your engineering semesters. One of the vital points to note is that a variety of municipal solid waste quiz is being conducted in popular exams, like GATE and Civil Services exams.

Important Municipal Solid Wastes Topics for GATE CE

Given below are the important topics for the municipal solid wastes for GATE CE.




To prevent the environment from harmful chemicals and various toxicants. Municipal solid waste MCQ questions generally cover this topic.

Waste Management Policies

These are few protocols made available that include a collection of waste to the disposal of wastes. These procedures are very important to know.

Environmental Impact of Disposal

Waste disposal is a task that needs to be done with much care. Else, it has so many side effects that could have a brutal impact on the environment. E.g.:- disposing of radioactive waste without care.

Landfill Emissions

When land is filled and runs out of space for more waste, it becomes dangerous to have a livelihood nearby. It becomes a source of so many diseases that could harm human beings.

Tips to Prepare for municipal solid waste for GATE

  • Refer to good municipal solid wastes GATE notes.
  • Always keep municipal solid wastes study material handy.
  • For more practice, you can concentrate on one book that covers all topics, including the previous year’s municipal solid wastes gate questions.
  • You should always carry the municipal solid wastes gate syllabus while studying. This would organize your mind, and you may get a glimpse of what is done and left.

Importance of Municipal solid wastes in GATE

  • As it is a very critical issue around the globe, the exams build and check the student's concern over such core issues.
  • It is also covered in the engineering syllabus and is at least taught to students of all branches.
  • It helps check the creativity of students to give rise to creative ideas in resolving such significant environmental issues.
  • Learning about such topics boosts awareness among people.

Most Recommended Books for municipal solid wastes for GATE CE

Few books that you should consider as reference books to boost your preparation:

Name of the book

Author’s Name


Solid Waste Management

Sanoop Gopi Krishna

This is one of the best books, where you can get complete scientific facts on solid waste.

Municipal Solid Wastes Management

Stefanie Hellweg, Samuel Stucki, Christian Ludwig

This book is all about solid waste management and how municipal bodies deal with the same.

Solid Waste Management

Diganta Bhusan Das and Ramesha Chandrappa

Here you can get complete insight regarding the treatment of solid waste.

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Q. How to prepare Municipal solid wastes for GATE CE?

You can check out the important topics in the Municipal solid wastes syllabus for the GATE. And the best way is to refer to multiple sources for the same.

Q. How to make notes for municipal solid wastes?

As this is an important topic in civil engineering, you may collect information about municipal solid wastes for GATE CE. This will resolve your doubts easily.

Q. How do I prepare for GATE Civil Engineering?

You should make a checklist of all the topics you have done, and the topics that are left to cover. Cover each topic step by step, and at the end of the week, give an online test for those topics. This will help you remember the most out of it, and also will be highly beneficial for revisions later on.

Q. Is it important to cover the municipal wastes management topic, or can I leave it?

It would not be advisable to leave such an easy topic. Moreover, besides being an easy topic, it is also a high-scoring topic for your test. It is lengthy, but not a difficult test. You can try referring to municipal solid wastes notes for CE, which will be effective and less time-consuming in your preparation.