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Updated : Feb 17, 2021, 12:47

Irrigation is known as the science of transporting water to land as per the needs of the crops. The methodology and technology used for the management and handling of water resources hold a prominent place in the study of the irrigation process. It is one of the most vital topics in various Civil Engineering Exams (CE) like GATE, ESE, JEE, SSC JE, BARC, etc.

Irrigation questions GATE are not difficult to tackle and comprehend. High-quality Irrigation GATE notes can assist you in enhancing the overall percentage in the exam. In this article, you will find a summary of water system subjects, books, and tips and hacks to address irrigation questions fast.

Important Irrigation Topics for GATE CE

Concocting from the right topic is the cardinal part of the preparation strategy. Listed below are the Irrigation topics for GATE CE.



Duty, delta, and estimation

of evapotranspiration

It has concepts and general aspects related to precipitation and hydrology that include subtopics like index of wetness, aridity acid and water energy methods, etc.

Crop water requirements

It includes detailed information about the crop period, base period, a delta of a crop, and various drainage layouts.

Design of lined and unlined

canals, headworks, gravity

dams, and spillways

It includes the basics of gravity dams and the designs and construction of gravity dams.

Types of irrigation systems and irrigation methods

It includes the concept of surface and furrow irrigation.

Canal regulatory works, cross-drainage structures, outlets, and escapes

It has theories of canal designs like Lacey’s and Kennedy’s theory of canal design.

Tips to Solve Irrigation Questions for GATE CE

Preparation is important but knowing some tricks and hacks can allow you to solve questions easily. Check out these tips to solve Irrigation questions quickly -

  • Before crafting the study plan, check out the Irrigation syllabus for GATE. It will help you allocate time in the preparation of each topic in accordance with its importance.
  • During the exam, read the questions twice before answering. Don’t answer any questions in haste.
  • Always start with the easy ones first and gradually hit the hard ones. To get an idea to refer to Irrigation notes for GATE pdf and Irrigation MCQ pdf.
  • Time is a significant factor in the GATE exam. Solving an Irrigation quiz every day will improve your paper-tackling pace and accuracy.

Importance of Irrigation in GATE Exam

This topic plays a significant role in enhancing your chances of clearing the GATE exam. The following mentioned are the importance of Irrigation in GATE Exams.

  • Questions come from this theme each year. It offers a chance to upgrade your general score in exams.
  • By understanding this topic well, you get readied for other exams like IES, JEE, SSC-JE, and other state-level Engineering exams.
  • Today this field is booming like never before. By clearing GATE CE, you can opt for various jobs in the future like Irrigation Engineer, Irrigation Architect, etc.
  • By solving the Irrigation GATE questions, you develop critical thinking, problem-solving, and analytical skills. It has many real-life applications as well.

Most Recommended Books for Irrigation for GATE CE

Check out the list of highly recommended books by toppers based on their prevalence and use. Each Irrigation book has Irrigation notes for CE and Irrigation MCQ questions.



Irrigation and Water Resources Engineering

G. L. Asawa

Irrigation Engineering

N. N. Basak

Irrigation Water Resources and Water Power Engineering

P. N. Modi

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. What is meant by irrigation for GATE CE?

Irrigation is known as the science of transporting water to land as per the needs of the crops.

Q. What are the forms provided by berms in canals used for?

The forms provided by berms in canals are used for the following:

  1. Protection of banks erosion by the waves
  2. Control of seepage losses
  3. Strengthening of banks

Q. What are the canals used to drain out the waterlogging from any area, is called as?

The canals that are used to drain the waterlogging from any area are called drains.

Q. What is the hydroelectric scheme that works under 80 m can be termed as?

The hydroelectric scheme that works under 80 cm is termed as 'High head scheme'.

Q. What is the optimum depth for watering for ice?

The optimum depth for watering for ice is 190 mm.

Q. Suppose D2 is the height of banks and D1 is the depth of cutting, and the bed level r2:1 and r1:1 are slope and cuttings respectively. What will be the horizontal distance between the 2?

  1. x = r1 d1
  2. x = r2 d2
  3. x = d1 / r1
  4. x = d2 / r2

Correct Answer- B