Highway Pavements

By : Ashish Rawat

Updated : Feb 17, 2021, 18:24

Highway Pavements or Highway Materials is a topic from Transportation Engineering for GATE CE. The Highway Pavements syllabus for GATE covers topics related to Highway Materials. The desirable Properties and Quality Control Tests of materials are Design of Bituminous Paving Mixes, The Design Factors to consider for Flexible and Rigid Pavements; Designing Flexible Pavement Using IRC: 37-2012; Designing Rigid Pavements Using IRC: 58-2011; and Distresses In Concrete Pavements.

Since Transportation Engineering is an important topic in Civil Engineering, the topic needs to be well-covered by aspirants appearing for competitive examinations like GATE, ISRO, CE, BARC, SSC-JE, State Engineering Services Exams, and more. With the help of detailed Highway Pavements study material for GATE CE, candidates can prepare well and thoroughly for the examination.

Important Highway Pavements topics for GATE CE



Highway Materials

Aggregate Concrete, Sand, crushed stone, slabs, bricks, asphalt and gravel are used along with binding mediums like bitumen, Portland cement, lime to make highway roads.

Designing Flexible Pavements

Flexible pavements have minimal or negligible flexural strength. In other words, these pavements are quite flexible in structural action under the weight of loads.

Designing Rigid Pavements

Rigid pavements have high flexural strength and rigidity. Rigid pavements are made of Portland cement concrete, which is either plain pre-stressed or reinforced concrete. Critical combinations during summer and winter are formula-driven.

Factors affecting Pavements Design

Some of the main factors that affect pavement design are traffic, wheel load, contact pressure, load, load repetitions, moving loads, and axle configurations.

Tips to SolveHighway Pavements GATE questions

  • Tip number one and the most important one - use an online study platform, like a tutorial platform where you can access Highway Pavements GATE CE questions and answers PDF. It is going to help you understand the question-answer pattern and understand the type of questions you are likely to face.
  • Have good quality Highway Pavements notes for GATE PDF. With the ready-to-use notes, you will have the direction to prepare all topics profoundly.
  • Improve your speed and accuracy in the subject-matter by attempting Highway Pavements MCQ questions from trusted portals.
  • Make sure that you read and refer to the best Highway Pavements books so that your preparation is not lacking in any aspect of this topic.

Importance of studying Highway Pavements for GATE CE

  • The overall topic of Transport Engineering has a relevant weightage in CE and other competitive exams. Highway materials and Pavement Designs were covered in the 2018 civil engineering examination. In 2019, however, there were no questions on this topic. Thus, this year, it is expected that there will be questions from Highway Pavements.
  • The topic has practical applicability, and if you are planning to become a civil engineer, a part of your career will be based on these fundamental topics.
  • GATE is a competitive examination where even one mark can make a difference in your ranking. That is why it is crucial to study the entire syllabus well. Refer to Highway Pavements GATE notes from a credible tutorial online to prepare well.
  • Highways will play a bigger role in the development of the country as a whole. This topic's relevance is growing multi-fold, which is why it is an essential topic in CE. Therefore, it is good to have your basics clear from the beginning.

Most Recommended Highway Pavements GATE syllabus

Besides Highway Pavements notes for CE, you need to ensure that you prepare the well. Refer to the books mentioned below to better understand the topic and gear yourself up for Highway Pavements online quiz.

Name of the book


Principles of Transportation Engineering

Partha Chakraborty

Principles, Practice, and Design of Highway Engineering

SK. Sharma

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Q. When should I start preparing for the GATE exam?

It all depends on you. Ideally, the exam is tough. Therefore, it requires about six months of rigorous preparation.

Q. Should I read the notes to prepare for this topic?

Yes, it would help if you first read the Highway Pavements GATE notes from BYJU'S Exam Prep. Once completed, attempt the Highway Pavements MCQ pdf to be one-hundred percent sure of your preparation.

Q. What is the pattern of the GATE question paper?

There are usually 65 questions of 100 marks, with 15 marks assigned for General Aptitude.

Q. Is there a negative marking in GATE?

Yes, there is negative marking.

Q. Which books should I read on this topic?

Our recommended list of books has been mentioned here.