Fluid Mechanics

By : Ashish Rawat

Updated : Feb 17, 2021, 13:08

Fluid mechanics is one of the vital and interesting subjects in various competitive exams of Civil Engineering. It studies the static and dynamic forms of water. Preparing this topic well can help in fetching good marks in the exam. the concepts for fluid mechanics for GATE CE are simple and easy to comprehend. Having a solid preparation strategy complemented by fluid mechanics GATE CE notes becomes cardinal to clear GATE CE with ease. In this article, we will breakdown the topics and share some quick tips and hacks to amplify your preparation and boost your chances of clearing GATE exams in one go.

Important Fluid Mechanics Topics for GATE CE

Here is a list of Fluid Mechanics topics for GATE CE based on the previous year paper and prevalence and contains detailed Fluid Mechanics notes for CE



Fluid Kinematics

It includes topics related to laminar flow and turbulent flow, Reynolds number, velocity distribution, and correction factors.

Manometry and Buoyancy

It contains the general meaning of Manometry and Buoyancy and the following sub-topics- piezometer, U-tube Manometer, macro manometer, metacentric height, and Oscillations.

Bernoulli's Equation

It refers to the equation based on the conservation of energy that gets obtained from Euler's equation.

Control-Volume Analysis of Mass, Momentum, and Energy

It includes the following topics- control mass, control volume, the momentum equation, vortex flow, and impact of a jet on a vertical plate.

Fluid Properties

It talks about the extensive and intensive properties of the fluid and the introduction of a real and ideal fluid.

Tips to Solve Fluid Mechanics Questions

  • Solve Fluid Mechanics GATE CE questions and answers pdf and Fluid Mechanics quiz. It will improve your question-solving speed.
  • Revise the previous topics before starting with the new ones. In this way, you will be able to grasp the Fluid Mechanics topics swiftly, and you can prioritize vital concepts.
  • Set some weekly and daily targets. Study accordingly, and keep tracking your progress every day. Save Fluid Mechanics notes for GATE pdf and Fluid Mechanics MCQ pdf for future reference.

Importance of Fluid Mechanics in the GATE CE Exam

  • Many PSUs prefer to hire candidates having good GATE scores. So, by concentrating on all the topics well, you can boost your overall percentage in the exam.
  • Fluid mechanics acts as a baseline for further understanding the other subjects like turbomachinery and heat & mass transfer.
  • The scope of Fluid mechanics is broad and has many real-life applications.
  • All the questions asked from this section are application-based. Thus, it assists in developing good analytical, problem-solving, and technical skills.

Most Recommended Books for Fluid Mechanics for GATE

Listed below are the highly recommended books by experts for the preparation of GATE CE. Each Fluid Mechanics book has a plethora of Fluid Mechanics MCQ questions for practice.



Fluid Mechanics and Machinery

RK Bansal

Fluid Mechanics

Frank White

Hydraulics and Fluid Mechanics

PN. Modi

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Q. What is the unit of mass density?

The unit of mass density is kg= m3.

Q. What should the specific gravity of a liquid be?

The specific gravity of a liquid must be the same unit as of mass density.

Q. Suppose the kinematic consistency of gravity expressed as .8 is .0005. The oil gets used by a shaft of a distance of around .4m at 190rpm. The thickness of oil is 1.5mm. Compute the loss incurred in the sleeve length of 90mm.

  1. a) 477.65 Watts
  2. b) 955.31 Watts
  3. c) 238.83 Watts
  4. d) None of the mentioned

Correct Answer - A

Q. On the off chance that a liquid, which has a consistent explicit gravity, is taken to a planet where increasing speed because of gravity is multiple times contrasted with its incentive on earth, what will befall its kinematic thickness.

  1. a) It increases
  2. b) It decreases
  3. c) It remains constant
  4. d) None of the above

Correct Answer - C

Q. How can I prepare fluid mechanics MCQs for the GATE CE?

Follow the following steps-

- Check the Fluid Mechanics syllabus for GATE and make a list of important topics.

- Solve the previous year's paper rigorously to understand the paper pattern.

- Appear for Fluid Mechanics online test conducted by BYJU'S Exam Prep.