English Grammar

By : Ashish Rawat

Updated : Feb 20, 2021, 17:08

English Grammar MCQ questions aim to test the student’s ability and understanding of the English language and grammar. These questions require the students to find the grammatically correct/incorrect answers to fill up with the correct grammar as per the question. Sometimes misspelled or incorrectly spelled words are asked to be corrected or vice-versa. The question may be asked in terms of correcting the phrase/sentence/word underlined or finding the incorrect/correct sentences of all. Whatever the question is, having prerequisite knowledge of English grammar is essential to solve these questions.

The English grammar gate questions asked are from the section verbal aptitude in the GATE. This topic is also asked in a number of examinations such as banking, competitive government job examinations.

Important English Grammar topics for GATE CE

English grammar syllabus for GATE 2021 along with important topics are mentioned below.




A, an, and the are known as articles.


Describes place, name, things, idea, person, etc. singular or plural.


These are used in the place of nouns that have been already mentioned.

Example: I, we, she, he, him, her, them, they, etc.


Used with a noun or pronoun to relate it with another word within the sentence. They can be a proposition of positions, time, direction, etc.


They connect two or more words/ phrases and sometimes sentences.

Example: for, and, nor, but, although, etc.

Verb-noun agreement

The agreement between noun and verb is a must. Singular noun-singular verb and plural noun-plural verb.

English grammar GATE syllabus as mentioned above is crisp and easy to study. Solve a few English grammar quizzes to brush up your knowledge.

Tips to solve English Grammar questions for GATE

Following are a few tips for English grammar for computer science.

  1. When the final sentence is read, the verb, nous, tense, etc must align with one another. Any discrepancy suggests the answers might be wrong.
  2. Errors are most often in prepositions, nouns, and verbs with their tenses.
  3. Read newspapers, and magazines to improve your grammar on a daily basis.

Importance of English Grammar in GATE

Studying each and every topic is equally important since so many topics constitute only 1-2 questions. Following are the points explaining the importance of English grammar topics for GATE CE:

  • Relatively easy to score.
  • Helps examiner’s judge your grammar knowledge.
  • Easy to prepare and revise.

Various English grammar questions and answers PDFs are available online to study thoroughly.

Most recommended books for English Grammar for GATE CE

Below mentioned are a few English grammar books to read before attempting the GATE examination.

  1. NCERT: Always start preparing from the NCERT textbooks of grammar from classes 9, 10, 11, and 12.
  2. Wren and Martin English Grammar and Composition: This is a classic book suggested to every student studying the basics of English grammar.
  3. Verbal ability and reading comprehension by Arun Sharma: This book is suggested for those trying to clear their basics and gain a few tips and tricks.

English grammar study material for GATE CE can be obtained online through a quick internet search. Apart from studying, an English grammar online quiz can help sharpen your problem-solving skills.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How to study for verbal aptitude and English grammar section within a month?

Answer. Studying in the last month could be hectic. Hence, refer to legitimate and quality English grammar GATE notes that might help you solve the questions with the least difficulty. Additionally, BYJU'S Exam Prep provides English grammar notes for GATE PDFs for studying last minute.

Q. What is the weightage of English grammar questions in GATE 2021?

Answer. English grammar questions carry 1-2 marks in the exam.

  1. Which of the following options is the closest to the meaning of the word “negligent”?
  2. a) Poor
  3. b) Unconcerned
  4. c) Unmindful
  5. d) Inattentive

Answer: d) Inattentive.

Q. How can I solve synonym/antonym questions without the help of a thesaurus/dictionary?

Answer. Sometimes logical answers lead to accurate answers. The word that best describes the situation is most often the correct answer.

Q. Which of the following sentences gives the most accurate meaning for the sentence below?

She enjoys the company of gardens and flowers.

  1. a) Her friends are gardens and flowers
  2. b) Her friends’ names are gardens and flowers
  3. c) She enjoys the time she spends in the garden and flowers
  4. d) She enjoys the friendship of gardens and flowers.

Answer. c) She enjoys the time she spends at the garden and flowers.