Air Pollution

By : Ashish Rawat

Updated : Feb 18, 2021, 5:15

Air pollution is a mixture of various harmful solid and gas particles in the air. Car emissions smoke from chimneys, dust, and chemical emissions may be termed as some air pollutants. To understand more about it, you can refer to air pollution MCQs. It is also a very important topic for various engineering exams, like GATE, IES, etc. Moreover, there are also air pollution tests available online, so you can build up your confidence. This way, you will be able to for air pollution GATE questions and answers pdf, and secure good marks by practising this topic thoroughly. It is important that you attempt an air pollution quiz, so you get a glimpse of how the questions are asked.

Important air pollution topics for GATE CE



Impact on human beings

Air pollution might lead to fatalities. Long-term health effects of air pollution are getting very common and dangerous nowadays, like heart disease, lung cancer, and respiratory diseases.

Air Pollution Management

There are so many government-approved strategies that we should implement to decrease air pollution, such as using CNG over petrol, prohibiting chimneys with certain PPM levels of pollutants, planting more trees, properly disposing off of aerosols, and many more.

Environmental Impact of air pollution

Air pollutants such as sulfur dioxide and nitrogen dioxide mix with rain to cause acid rain, which is a great threat to humans, agriculture, fauna, flora, and monuments.

A famous example of this is the Taj Mahal.

Emissions for chimneys

Many factories are directly contributing to increasing air pollution and decreasing the quality of fresh air. It is also a good reason you should not build houses near factories.

Tips to Prepare for Air Pollution for GATE CE

  • Refer to good and brief air pollution GATE notes.
  • Always keep air pollution study material handy.
  • Previous year’s air pollution GATE questions are must to do. You should not go for exams without attempting those.

Importance of Air Pollution GATE Exam

  • Air pollution is counted among the most threatening environmental issues, so asking questions on such would increase awareness and a sense of responsibility.
  • It is also under the syllabus in engineering and is at least taught to students of all branches in some semester.
  • It boosts creativity, and exams like these can boost your problem-solving skill.

Most Recommended Books for Air Pollution for GATE

Mentioned below are a few books that you should consider as reference books. These books are really good for your preparation.

Author Name


H. V. N. Rao and M. N. Rao, TMH

Here you can learn about the scientific causes and details of air pollution.

Murali Krishna

This book provides very good insight into the air pollution topics, and a number of questions are also covered here.


This is one of the best books to prepare for environmental engineering.

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Q. How to prepare air pollution questions for GATE CE?

It is very important to have a close look at the questions of the previous year. You can check out the important topics in the air pollution syllabus for the GATE.

Q. How to make notes for air pollution for examination?

You can refer to online video lectures from BYJU'S Exam Prep. It is an easy topic, so just reading a book is sufficient. Try bringing out neat and clean content in a chart form to help you organize everything and also help you remember every single detail of the topic easily.

Q. How do I prepare for GATE Civil Engineering?

You should make a checklist of all the topics you have done, and the topics that are left to cover. Cover each topic step by step, and at the end of the week, attempt an online test for those topics. This will help you remember the most out of it, and will also be beneficial for later revisions.

Q. Is it important to cover the municipal air pollution topic, or can I leave it?

If you analyse the latest marks trends of previous examinations, you will see it is a regular topic and scores good marks. So it is not recommended to skip such an easy and scoring topic.