Verbal Reasoning for Bank Exams

By : Akash Mishra

Updated : Oct 21, 2020, 13:59

Verbal Reasoning or Logical Reasoning is one of the most significant portions to cover in bank exams preparation. Whether it is IBPS & SBI Clerk, PO, IBPS RRB CLERK, RBI & NABARD Grade, A, B, etc., it is important to prepare Verbal Reasoning notes for your bank exams beforehand. Stick to the Verbal Reasoning syllabus for bank exams and practice Verbal Reasoning problems for bank exams as much as possible. 

The Verbal Reasoning online test for bank exams comes as a relief for the aspirants. The Verbal Reasoning formula for bank exams should be learned thoroughly. One can take the help of various Verbal Reasoning tips and tricks for bank exams to ensure favourable results. In this digital era, the Verbal Reasoning quiz for bank exams is available online.

Important Verbal Reasoning Topics for Bank Exams




In these types of questions, you are required to decipher a given code by applying some rule which you have to determine from the question itself.


It is a confusing statement where the candidates have to use their reasoning capability to solve the same.


A statement is followed by two or more assumptions; the candidates are supposed to answer which assumption follows.

Series Completion

In these types of questions, words, letters are given in a specific sequence, and candidates are asked to find out the next word to complete the given series. 

Tips to Solve Verbal Reasoning Questions

  • Always learn from your mistakes. Try to understand where you are making mistakes and why? And then work on them.
  • Understand the pattern and format of questions and their types. It should be in the habit of all bank exams aspirants to read all the instructions very carefully before starting the paper. 
  • First of all, one should analyze the question and try to find out all possible answers and then pick the most appropriate solution among them.
  • Never make assumptions! Use logic instead.
  • Time management is paramount. Allot time to each question and solve them accordingly. 

Importance of Verbal Reasoning in Competitive Banking and Government Exams

  • In bank exams, 7-10 questions are always based on Verbal Reasoning.
  • The candidates' reasoning ability is checked in this section. 
  • Candidate’s time management skills are also tested.
  • It is one of the most scoring sections of the paper where chances of getting full marks are high.

Most Recommended Books for Verbal Reasoning



Verbal Ability

Books by Arun Sharma and Meenakshi Upadhyay

It has five sections, with subsections that go into the details of each topic. 

Verbal Reasoning

Books by R.S. Agrawal

The book carefully guides the candidates through faster, shorter, and intelligent paths to take up the study verbal reasoning.

Bank PO

Books by Arihant

The book has been divided into different chapters and solved papers have been attached for practice.

Verbal Reasoning

Books by Dr. Lal & Kumar

This book is useful for all competitive exams. It covers various types of verbal reasoning questions.

Shortcuts in Reasoning 

Books by Disha

It helps the aspirants in learning the various tips and tricks required to crack the reasoning section in competitive exams.

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The verbal reasoning section is a staple in most of the competitive exams. It is essential for candidates to prepare this section well since it is easy to prepare and will help candidates increase their average score. 


Question 1.  A, B, C, D, E, and F are sitting in a row. E & F are in the centre. A & B are at the ends. R is sitting to the left of A. Who is to the right of B?

  1. A
  2. D
  3. E
  4. F

Answer: 2 (D)

Explanation :- Seating Arrangement - B - D - E - F - C - A

Therefore, the right of B is D.

Question 2.  If C E J Q is coded as X V Q J, then B D I P will be coded as:

  1. W U R Q
  2. Y W R K
  3. W U P I
  4. Y W P I 

Answer: (b) Y W R K 

Explanation: The first 13 letters of the alphabet are coded by the 13 letters of the alphabet in reverse.

Question 3.  In the following questions, there are four choices of words with their letters jumbled up. Three of them are alike and one is different. Find the odd man out.

  1. N O O M
  2. T U R N A S 
  3. H E A R T
  4. S E N V U 

Answer : (a) MOON 

Explanation: MOON is a satellite. Other than planet SATURN, VENUS, EARTH.