Tabulation for Bank Exams

By : Kanika Ralhan

Updated : Oct 21, 2020, 13:50

Data Interpretation (DI) sets are frequently represented in Tabular Format. In these questions, data is presented in a table, and the student is expected to interpret it accordingly. The majority of the banking exams like IBPS PO, SBI PO, and others give crucial weightage to DI sets based on tabulation. Since these sets are more time-consuming than other types, aspirants need to invest sufficient time in mastering them. You can find tabulation questions and answers for bank exams, tabulation quiz for bank exams, tabulation online test for bank exams on BYJU'S Exam Prep’s website. Below, we have covered tabulation notes, topics, and syllabus for bank exams.

Tabulation sets feature different kinds of data and figures, as per the given question. Generally, the tabulation data is classified into three types.

Important Tabulation Topics for Bank Exams

In a tabular DI set, the numeric data usually corresponds to the number of people or things.




In a quantitative tabulation, data is given according to quantifiable attributes like weight, height, income, etc.


In a qualitative tabulation, data is classified as per non-quantifiable characteristics like gender, colour, name, etc.

Chronological/ Temporal

Temporal tabulation shows data based on time or period like a month, year, etc.

Tips to Solve Tabulation Questions for Bank Exams

There are a few essential things to remember while solving Tabulation questions:

  •     Firstly, it is critical to read the table carefully. If the tabular data seems complex to understand, you can draw your simplified table. But, remember that a single misinterpretation can lead to more than one wrong answer.
  •     After you have gone through the tabular data, take a look at the questions and their answer choices. You may also use an elimination technique to avoid lengthy calculations.
  •     Wherever possible, use the mental ability tricks and approximation shortcuts to speed up your calculation.  
  •     Before marking the answer, make sure that the calculated figure units match with the ones given in the answer choices. Sometimes, the data in the table carries different units than the given answer options. In this case, convert your answer to the required units.

Importance of Tabulation questions in the Quantitative Section of Bank Exams

Tabulation questions for bank exams are a part of the Data Interpretation section, a separate section, or a part of the Quantitative Ability section. Either way, the tabulation problems in the bank exams hold significant weightage in the exam.

  • While DI sets may come in the form of tables, graphs, or charts, the past analysis reveals that out of all types, the tabular DI sets most commonly appear in banking exams.
  • Tabular DI questions are asked both in the prelims as well as the mains exams.
  • DI part accounts for 20-30% of the exam’s total weightage, depending upon a particular exam pattern.
  • Out of the total number of sets in the DI part, at least 2-3 are based on tabular data. Usually, each set includes 4-5 questions based on the given information.

Most Recommended Books for Preparing Tabulation Questions 

There are several books available for preparing Tabular DI sets. 

Given below are some of the best books on Tabulation concepts and questions for the bank exams:

Book Name

Author Name

An Advanced Approach to Data Interpretation

R.S. Aggarwal

Data Interpretation & Data Sufficiency

Ananta Ashisha

Data Interpretation - Magical Books Series

K. Kundan

Data Interpretation (TMH)

Arun Sharma

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Which arithmetic concepts are required to solve DI Tabulation questions?

To solve tabulation questions efficiently, a student should be good at arithmetic concepts of average, ratio & proportion, percentages, and mixtures.

  1. Do any formulas apply in Tabulation questions?

There are no standard formulas to solve tabulation questions. In case any formula is required, it will be given in the data set itself.

  1. How many squares, cubes, and tables need to be memorised for tackling Tabulation questions easily?

It’s good to learn squares, cubes, and tables up to 20. Besides, a student should also be aware of the powers of 2 and 3 up to the exponent of 5.

  1. Which type of tricks can help solve Tabulation sets in less time?

The tricks and calculation techniques of Vedic mathematics aid in faster calculations of tabulation questions. These shortcuts mostly involve multiplication, addition, division, and other derived operations.

  1. Are the questions of a particular Tabulation set related to each other?

Some questions of a specific DI set are generally related to each other. In such cases, students can use the answer or calculations done in the previous question in the solution of the next one.