Sentence Connectors for Bank Exam

By : Akash Mishra

Updated : Oct 16, 2020, 14:15

Sentence Connectors questions and answers bank exams like SBI PO, IBPS RBB Clerk, RBI Grade A, B, NABARD Grade A & B, LIC AAO are highlighted here. These are similar to connect the dots we played in our childhood. The only difference here is that there isn't only one option that might be the right one.

In each Sentence Connector question, two statements need to be combined into one sentence with the words or starters given in the options without changing the meaning of the given question. The Sentence Connector problems in bank exam carry around 20 to 50 marks. Hence an aspirant appearing for these exams needs to practice this concept using grammar techniques and Sentence Connector quiz for bank exams so that you don’t lower your scores. 

Important Sentence Connector Topics for Bank Exams

When you need to score high in a descriptive paper, it all depends on sharpening your grammar skills. 




Simple: A sentence that includes only one clause, with a single subject and predicate.

Complex: It comprises one independent clause and one or more dependent clauses.

Compound: They have at least two independent clauses.


Coordinating: They coordinate or join two words.

Subordinating: They combine dependent clauses with an independent clause.

Correlative: They are always used in pairs.

Tips To Prepare For Sentence Connector Questions In Bank Exams

We shall highlight here the Sentence Connector tricks for bank exam. 

  • An eye for detail: One needs to read all the content while preparing for these exams carefully.
  • Public speaking: An aspirant should try speaking out loud a paragraph or a write-up, to understand his/her mistakes.
  • Bringing the Dictionary into play: A candidate appearing for bank exams needs to find new words from a dictionary and also understand their meanings. 
  • Practice: Every section of an exam can be mastered with the help of practice. 

Importance Of Sentence Connector For Bank Exams

This topic of Sentence Connectors syllabus for bank exam has prominent weightage in all the bank exams one needs to appear for. The importance of this section in a bank exam is specified below:

  • For regular usage in day-to-day activities
  • To test the language understanding
  • Avoid errors
  • Building your own vocabulary

Sentence Connectors or Linkers help in cohesion when you have mastered it automatically your proficiency in the language advances to the next level. These syllabus pointers can be studied while preparing for the Sentence Connector online test for bank exams. 

Most Recommended Books for Solving Sentence Connector Formula 

Books that are penned by famous authors prove to be a helping hand while preparing for Sentence connector notes for bank exams.

Comprehensive Guide To SBI Bank Po Preliminary & Main Exam 8th Edition

English Grammar & Composition - SC Gupta

Ace English Language For Banking and Insurance (Printed Edition)

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What are sentence connectors? 

Answer - a word or phrase that initiates a clause or sentence and serves as a change between it and a previous clause or sentence. They do the work of joining any two statements without changing the meaning. 

What are the examples of connectors? 

Answer - However, on the other hand, otherwise, instead, conversely, etc. are some of the words that are used as sentence connectors in bank exams. 

What is a good sentence? 

Answer - A sentence that has been framed grammatically right. And a sentence that has a clause, subject, and predicate. 

What are the connectors? 

Answer - Connectors are also conjunctive words. They are words that describe the relationship between two statements. They work as linkers between two sentences. 

How do you solve sentence connectors? 

Answer - One needs to practice a lot to master this grammar concept. The two sentences can be connected by making the connected statement logical and grammatically right.