Para Summary for Bank Exams

By : Kanika Ralhan

Updated : Oct 7, 2020, 10:06

Para Summary is an important part of Verbal Reasoning in bank exams like IBPS PO, Clerk, SO, RBI Officer Grade B and Grade C, SBI Clerk Prelims and Mains, RRB, and NABARD, etc. As the name implies, Para Summary questions and answers bank exams involve writing the summary of a given paragraph. It is imperative to know how to write the summary for a given paragraph because it carries almost 20% marks of Verbal Reasoning. 

Aspirants preparing for the bank exams should remember that they cannot afford to miss Para Summary. It is all about understanding the meaning of the given content and knowing the format for writing the summary. Practice makes you perfect. Here are the essential topics and tips for answering the Para Summary quiz for bank exams correctly. Follow the directions and practise again and again. 

Important Para Summary Topics 

A passage is given with four summary options. You have to choose an option that gives the right essence of the paragraph. All the options seem to be right because all of them relate to the same subject. You need to eliminate the wrong ones after understanding the passage. Para Summary questions and answers bank exams can also ask you to identify the style of writing or a person's character in the paragraph.  

Important Para Summary topics for bank exams: 

  • Women empowerment 
  • Current affairs
  • Political amendment of Acts. 
  • Financial issues
  • Technology
  • Science 
  • Festivals 
  • History - Ancient and Modern 
  • Philosophy
  • Humanities and 
  • Political Science etc. 

Tips to Prepare and Solve Para Summary Questions 

Para Summary problems in bank exams can be solved easily if you follow a few useful tips. 

  • Read the passage carefully. Understand the underlying meaning and message conveyed by the author of the paragraph. If you feel there are any complexities in the passage, make sure you reread it. 
  • Identify the main topic in the paragraph. Find out the field of study. If you are not familiar with the field, you should pick out the ideas, linking words and keywords as you read. This will help you to get familiar with the subject. 
  • Identify the tone or the emotional aspect of the paragraph. Understand the style of writing of the author. 
  • Now you should proceed to write a summary on your own before reading the given options. 
  • After writing the summary you can see if there is an option that matches your own summary. 
  • Proceed to eliminate options. You should eliminate options that contain new information not mentioned in the paragraph. Eliminate the options that manipulate the meaning and message of the paragraph. Eliminate the options that repeat the same sentence from the passage. Eliminate the options that do not sum up the main idea of the paragraph. Eliminate out of scope answers.
  • After eliminating the wrong options, do you have two options that appear to be correct? Eliminate the option that is long and choose the briefer one. The summary should be concise and not long. 

The above Para Summary tricks for bank exams will help you to get the answers right. 

Importance of Para Summary in the Verbal Reasoning Section of Competitive Banking Exams

Para Summary is an important topic in Verbal Reasoning in competitive banking and Government exams. 

  • A minimum of 5 questions to a maximum of 15 questions is asked from Para Summary.
  • The questions in the Para Summary online test for bank exams are generally easier when compared to other questions in Verbal Reasoning. You can score more marks easily. 
  • The level of the questions in this topic is generally moderate. Hence, you can expect to get the right answers for Para Summary questions.
  • The chances of accuracy are high in this topic; so the risk of negative marks is reduced. 

Most Recommended Books for Para Summary

Para Summary could appear to be nerve-wracking, but with regular practice and revision, you can master the techniques. Here is a list of a few books to help you. You can take Para Summary notes for bank exams from these books for quick reference. 

Name of the book


Verbal & Non-Verbal Reasoning 

R. S. Aggarwal 

A New Approach to Verbal Reasoning

B.S. Sijwalii

Logical Reasoning 

Arun Sharma

Verbal Ability and Reading


Shortcuts in Reasoning

Disha Experts 

Why Prepare Para Summary From BYJU'S Exam Prep? 

GradeUp provides you with more than 1000 questions for this topic. If you want to get all the answers correct in Para Summary, the key is to do more practice tests. The more questions you solve, the time you take will decrease, and the accuracy will increase. BYJU'S Exam Prep provides you with several mock tests. When you attend many mock tests, your confidence will improve, and your performance will be boosted. You can track and analyse your performance and find your weak spots that you need to work on. 

Focus more on your speed and accuracy to answer all questions from Para Summary. Practise, practise, and practise again, and you are assured of scoring good marks. 



  • What type of questions is asked in the Para Summary? 


Three types of questions are asked - Fact-based questions, Inference based questions and Central idea questions. Finding the option that is the actual summary of the paragraph, finding the style of writing and finding the character of a person mentioned in the paragraph are a few questions asked in this topic. 


  • I am weak in English. Can I score well in Para Summary? 


Yes, you can. With the right preparation and regular practice, you can do it.


  • How do I start preparing for the Para Summary syllabus for bank exams?


 Attend as many mock tests as possible. Read newspapers, books, and magazines regularly. 


  • Is self-study enough to prepare for the Para Summary? Should I enrol in a class? 


You can study on your own. And you can take online mock tests. If you are satisfied with your performance, continue with your self-study. If you are not satisfied, you can enrol.


  • How do I get a full score in the Para Summary section? 


Increase your reading speed. Make sure your brain reads and comprehends the content simultaneously by making it a habit. You can find many Para Summary questions and answers pdf for bank exams. Answer a few questions daily.