Mixture and Allegation for Bank Exams

By : Kanika Ralhan

Updated : Oct 16, 2020, 14:35

Various competitive exams, including SSC and bank exams, have Mixture & Alligation word problems in the Quantitative Aptitude Section. For the upcoming Government exams, you will certainly find up to 2-3% from Mixture & Alligation. Thus, you must have your concepts clear in this section. This topic is asked in various exams like SBI Clerk Pre, IBPS Clerk Pre, IBPS RRB, etc.

This can be a very scoring section as the Mixture & Alligation syllabus for bank exams is very limited. You should go through the Mixture & Alligation topics for bank exams and make clear Mixture & Alligation notes for bank exams. Keep track of Mixture & Alligation formulas for bank exams, revise them regularly, and you will be good to go.

Important Mixtures and Alligation Topics

Topic Name



A mixture is formed when two or more elements of any kind are mixed in a specific ratio.


This is the concept which allows one to find out the ratio of the ingredients being mixed, and thus, find out the price of the mixture to face a certain loss or profit. This helps us to determine the mean value of the mixture.

Rule of Alligation

The rule states that the quantity of cheaper elements is directly proportional to the mean price subtracted by the cost price (CP) of the dearer (expensive) element. On the other hand, the quantity of the Dearer element is directly proportional to the value we obtain when the CP of the cheaper element is divided by the Mean Price.


The above principle is formulated as follows:

(Quantity of Cheaper element/ Quantity of Dearer element) = [ (CP of Dearer – Mean Price) / (Mean Price – CP of Cheaper element) ] 

Tips to Solve Mixture & Alligation Questions for Bank Exams

  • Learn the formula by heart and practice as many questions as you can.
  • At the time of the exam, make sure to read the question carefully and understand the data given to you. Put them precisely in the formula, and you will have the right answer.
  • Once you find the ratio of the elements, do not forget to find the rate of the object being sold as per the alligation rule.
  • Give value to time management and don't lose time over these questions, which can gain you marks and time for other questions.
  • The concept of Mixture & Alligation is based on principles of ratio and proportion. The formula can also help you tackle other questions in time and work and combinations.
  • Practice previous years' questions to get clear with the level and pattern of questions asked.

Importance of Mixtures and Alligation topics in Bank and Government Exams

  •         Mixtures and Alligation questions are asked in many Government and bank exams.
  •         They carry 1-3 marks and are very easy to solve.
  •         The formula can be used to solve other questions on ratio and combinations.
  •         This is a highly scoring section for most candidates which should be utilized with better time management.

Most Recommended Books for Mixtures and Alligations

Here are some books on Quantitative Aptitude section which cover the topic of Mixtures & Alligation very well:

Book Name

Author/ Publication

Quantitative Aptitude for Competitive Examinations

R. S. Agarwal (S. Chand Publication)

Magical Book on Quicker Mathematics

M Tyra (BSC Publication)

Fast Track Objective Arithmetic

Rajesh Verma

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  1.   What are Mixtures & Alligations?

Ans.  While a mixture is a combination of two or more elements, the alligation concept helps us to find the ratio between the elements and accordingly find the price of the mixture to get a profit.

  1.   How do you solve alligation and mixture problems?

Ans. While solving Mixture & Alligation problems for bank exams, you have to read the questions carefully to find which variable is missing, whether you have to find the price or the quantity of any element to get the desired price. Once you understand the data, you just have to use the alligation formula to get the answer.

  1.   How to study Mixture & Alligations questions and answers for bank exams?

Ans. Mixture & Alligation problems are easy to solve. You just have to understand the concept of alligation and use the formula to solve any problem.

  1.   How many types of Mixture & Alligation problems are asked?

Ans. There are limited types of questions that can be asked for Mixtures & Alligation. You will need the formula to find out the value of missing data which will be asked.

  1.   Are there any tricks to solve Mixture & Alligation problems?

Ans. The alligation formula is the best trick to solve any type of question on the topic. Read the question carefully and find the data which is missing.