Microsoft Office Study Notes for Bank Exam

By : Akash Mishra

Updated : Oct 7, 2020, 17:17

Bank jobs are the most preferred and in-demand jobs in India. Around 20 lakh aspirants apply for various types of bank jobs every year. The banking sector entrance examinations are usually conducted by State Bank of India (SBI), Reserve Bank of India (RBI), IBPS, and other private banks. Use of Microsoft Office is popular in the banking sector, hence, the candidates opting for banking as a career should be familiar with the MS Word, MS Excel, and Outlook. The competitive exams would include questions that would test the candidate’s application knowledge and shortcuts used for various functions in the suite. 

Currently, Computer knowledge is one of the most essential and necessary expertise required in all sectors. Thus, to meet this demand, there are various types of computer-based questions asked in competitive exams of SSC, Banks, Railways, Insurance, Post-Graduation, and others. Thus, the practice of all the features would help the candidate answer all the Microsoft Office problems in the banking examinations.

Important Microsoft Office Topics for Bank Exams

The Microsoft Office questions and answers for bank exams cover various Microsoft Office syllabus for bank exams. Please find below the critical Microsoft Office topics for the bank exams:




MS Word, MS Excel, and MS Powerpoint

Shortcut Keys

Use of keyboard shortcut keys such as CTRL, ALT, DLT, and others


Use of commands such as Copy, Paste, and Others


Paragraph Alignment – left, right, centre, and justified

Thus, based on the above topics, the Microsoft Office quiz for bank exams would include questions such as:

Which tool would you use to format the text in the document?

What will happen if you press Ctrl + C in MS Word?

Which of the following keys is a shortcut key for Pasting?

Tips to Solve Microsoft Office Questions

  • Practice Microsoft Office quiz for bank exams and mock tests on a regular basis
  • Understand and remember all the commands for shortcut keys. For instance, Ctrl+F will help you to find a specific word or a line in the complete document easily. This would help you to answer the questions quickly and score well in the exams.
  • Understand the Microsoft Office syllabus for bank exams, as it will help you to be prepared for the examination.
  • Revise the syllabus on a regular basis with practicals.    

These Microsoft Office tricks for bank exams would help the candidate to be well prepared for various banking sector entrance examinations.

Importance of Microsoft Office in Competitive Banking & Government Exams

  • The Microsoft Office problems in bank exams would help to judge the speed and accuracy of the candidates.
  • Microsoft Office Questions and answers of bank exams also help to analyse the awareness of the candidates with respect to the software.
  • Use of Microsoft Office suite reduces time and increases accuracy, hence, the aspirants should be well versed with the prominent applications
  • Also, Microsoft Office helps to maintain a similar format of the documents throughout the organisation. Thus, to meet this need, formatting questions are asked in the exams.

Most Recommended Books for Microsoft Office

To excel in Microsoft Office, you generally need more and more practice of the concepts, applications, and keys. There are many Microsoft Office questions and answers pdf for bank exams available online for the aspirants to refer. Some of the books recommended for Microsoft Office are as follows:

Book Name


Microsoft Office: Multiple Choice Questions and Answers for all Examinations and Interviews

Arvindra Kanaujia

Shortcut Keys

Arvindra Kanaujia

Learn 100+ MS Word Shortcuts

Keshav Goyal

Microsoft Access

Arvindra Kanaujia

Office 2017 For Beginners

Steven Weikler

Why Prepare Microsoft Office From BYJU'S Exam Prep?

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  • Is the banking exam tough to crack? 

Ans: No, the banking entrance (prelims or mains) are not tough if you practice the previous years’ questions papers regularly. However, the competition in various bank exams is very high.

  • What are all the applications that are important in the MS Office Suite for banking exams? 

Ans: A candidate should be aware of various applications of the MS Office Suite such as MS Powerpoint, MS Word, MS Excel, MS Outlook, and others. The candidate should practice these applications regularly and get well versed with shortcut keys to perform various tasks in these applications.

  • Does Microsoft Office help in scoring well in bank exams?

Ans: Yes, Microsoft Office is essential for all bank exams. The aspirants can focus on these questions if the candidates are aware of all the concepts, then these questions can help to score well in the bank exams.  

  • Are there Microsoft Office online tutorials available for bank exams?

Ans: Yes, there are many online tutorials available that would help the candidate to prepare themselves for these competitive examinations. BYJU'S Exam Prep is one of the best online websites that offer tutorials and mock tests for aspiring candidates.

  • Will I get negative marks if I am unable to answer any question?

Ans: No, negative marks are awarded only when your answer is wrong. A question not answered will not attract negative marks.