Idioms and Phrases for Bank Exams

By : Akash Mishra

Updated : Oct 8, 2020, 14:38

Idioms are a collection of words which are metaphorical and should not be understood based on their literal meaning. Usually, authors around the world use idioms to make their words and phrases more memorable and interesting. Idioms are used all around the English literature in poems, stories and even in plays. The literal meaning of Idiom is usually different from the actual meaning.

Phrases, on the other hand, are a group of words that forms a unit of a bigger sentence. They are on point and do have a literal meaning, unlike Idioms. Though they are not a complete sentence in themselves, they help to express the sentence in a better way. Phrases are of 8 types: Noun, Verb, Infinitive, Gerund, Appositive, Absolute, Participial and Prepositional.

Idioms and Phrases help us to communicate creatively and interestingly. Having an understanding of Idioms and Phrases can help in understanding poems, stories and plays in English literature. Idioms and Phrases are essential components of some major examinations, including:

  • UPSC (English Section)

Below, we will discuss with you Idioms and phrases topics for bank exams, Idioms and phrases tips and tricks for bank exams, and Idioms and phrases frequently asked questions and answers for bank exams.

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Important Topics in Idioms and phrases

Types of Phrases



The bewildered tourist couple was lost. 


He was waiting for the rain to stop so that he could go and play.


Getting a promotion is fun and exciting 


To see Taj Mahal is amazing 


Giraffes, the tallest animal, can grow up to 6 metres. 


Washed with my clothes, my money is all wet now.


The book was on the table.


Picnic basket in hand, she set off for her date.

Some most used Idioms and Phrases along with their meanings



Rank and File 

Ordinary People 

A Wee Bit


Out of Woods

Free from difficulties and dangers

Under the Thumb

Under control

Piece of Cake

Easy Job

Beat around the Bush

Avoiding the main subject matter or  topic 

Kill two birds with one stone

Accomplishing two objectives with the same amount of efforts 

Take to one's heels

Run Away

By hook or crook 

By fair or foul means

Tooth and Nails

With all one's powers

Leave no stone unturned

Use all available means

In cold blood

Without any emotions

Read between the lines

Understand the hidden meaning

Smell a Rat

Suspect some wrongdoing 

In hot water

In problem

In high spirits 

Very happy

A big gun

Very Important person

A Brown study


A close shave

A narrow escape

Bring to light

To disclose something

Put a sock in it

When a request is made to be quiet 

More holes than swiss cheese 

When something is full of difficulties and problems

Best thing since sliced bread

A recent invention makes people's lives easier and better.

Idioms and Phrases Tips and Tricks

  • Understand the context of Idiom as this will help to remember the particular idiom well.
  • Do not cram Idioms, instead learn regularly and make yourself familiar with them.
  • Make a list of Idioms you learn every day in a dairy and revise them daily.
  • Try learning Idioms by using them in sentences. 
  • Try linking Idioms to stories, and visual images as this will help to remember them.
  • Some Idioms have interesting and funny origin stories; you can remember such Idioms using their origin stories.

Idioms and Phrases Importance in Competitive Banking Exams

  • Idioms and Phrases are an essential part of the English section of competitive exams so, they need to be appropriately revised.
  • Idioms and Phrases form an essential part of GMAT examination and are often asked in sentence correction questions. 
  • Idioms are also part of English section syllabus of CAT, UPSC and college entrance exams. 

Most Recommended Books for Idioms and Phrases

There are plenty of good books available in the market which can help you in understanding the meaning and context of Idioms and Phrases. These books are suitable for both exam preparations and general knowledge of Idioms and Phrases:



English Idioms in Use Intermediate  

Michael McCarthy

Oxford Word Skills Advanced Idioms and Phrasal Verbs

Ruth Gairns

Work on your Idioms

Sandra Anderso

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How to solve exam questions related to Idioms and Phrases?

Read the whole context in which Idiom is used and then write the meaning of Idiom. Do not solely focus on the literal meaning.

How do Idioms and Phrases question come in competitive exams?

They can be in the form of MCQs or any be used in unseen passages and poems. Usually, unseen poems have Idioms and Phrases used in them.

Do Idioms and Phrases have importance in exam preparation and competitive exams like SSC, Banking, and UPSC?

Yes, Idioms and Phrases are an important part of the English section of competitive exams and may be asked directly in the form of the meaning of Idiom or Indirectly used in paragraph and passages. 

Does college entrance exams syllabus include Idioms and Phrases?

Yes, most college entrance exams include questions from Idioms and Phrases.