Essay and Letter Writing for Bank Exams

By : Kanika Ralhan

Updated : Oct 16, 2020, 14:31

The aspirants who wish to appear for banking exams are very well versed with this fact that descriptive exams are difficult to crack. In comparison to other sections like Verbal and Reasoning, one finds it difficult to score better in this section

If you are appearing for IBPS Clerk, PO, SBI Clerk, PO, IBPS RRB Clerk, PO, RBI Grade A, B, NABARD Grade A & B, LIC AAO, or any other bank exam, you need not worry- this article shall help you with Essay and Letter writing syllabus for bank exams. So, here's a quick look at some of the best Essay and Letter writing tricks for bank exams to break through this hurdle like a pro.

Important Essay and Letter Writing Topics for Bank Exams

Essay Writing Topics


GST - One Nation, One Tax.


Is technology oppressing humans?


Global Pandemic and its after-effects.


Online education vs. classroom education.


Future of the hospitality industry in India.

Letter Writing Topics


Letter to an Online shopping company complaining about the wrong product received in place of the actual product you ordered.


Letter to the Bank Manager for re-issuing your lost credit card.


Letter to an author praising his writing style in a recent book published on "Eating right in Life."


Letter to the Editor of a newspaper highlighting a social issue.


Letter to Indian Medical Association for the endless support and service given by all doctors and the entire healthcare fraternity in this crisis in our country. 

Tips to Solve the Essay and Letter Writing Problems in Bank Exams

Tips for essay writing:

  •         Read. Read. And Read more. - The more you read, the more you grasp vocabulary and understand the structure of sentences or the perfect grammar usage.
  •         Stay tuned to News channels - Staying abreast with current affairs will help your writing bloom with the updated statistics and data.
  •         Paragraph structure - This shall come only with practice. You need to understand that a page full of a continuous flow of words isn't readable, so you should always break the essay in three to four paragraphs.
  •         No Fancy words - Completely avoid the usage of fancy or ornate words. Short and easy to understand sentences please a reader.

Tips for Letter writing:

  •         Practice penning - Start writing your daily routine or a daily diary and then shift to theoretical writing. This shall help you remember the correct structure and also enhance your flow of words and sentences.
  •         Opening and closing the letter - Formal and informal letters have different formats; understand them thoroughly.
  •         Focus on intent - Draw a mental outline of your letter in your mind. Concentrate on the aim behind writing the letter. Link your thoughts properly and reach the end of the letter.
  •         Short and sweet - The content needs to be crisp and the language lucid so that the letter does not turn lengthy.

Points to be Noted for Essay and Letter Writing Syllabus in Bank Exams

Stay connected - Keep yourself connected with other peers who are appearing for similar exams; also keep track of all government and helpful websites to being notified about any major or minor changes regarding the exam.

Time management - Allotted time limit for descriptive paper is about 30 minutes. Put aside 15 minutes each for both sections. Hence, while practising to write, you must pen the structure within 10 minutes itself, and the former 5 minutes should be kept for thinking and analyzing the subject properly.

Proof-reading - Also, you need to skillfully keep time for cross-checking the entire paper for grammatical errors or typing mistakes.  

Speed - When rehearsing before the exam, you should maintain a good typing speed, too, as all these banking exams are conducted online.

Most Recommended Books for Preparation of Essay and Letter Writing Problems in Bank Exams

Including peers and informative websites like BYJU'S Exam Prep, a handy reference book can help you write well.

Objective English for Competitive Examinations   By - Hari Mohan Prasad, Uma Rani Sinha

English Grammar & Composition   By - Wren and Martin

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I write a letter to a bank?

Answer: If you know any bank manager write his/her name as ‘Dear (Full name)’ and end with ‘Yours faithfully’.

What is a formal letter format?

Answer: A typical formal letter format is: Sender's address, Date, Name/Designation of Addressee, and Address of the Addressee.

How do I prepare for the descriptive paper of the IBPS PO exam?

Answer: Understand the structure, improve your writing speed, read a lot, and practice way more.