Coded Inequalities for Bank Exams

By : Kanika Ralhan

Updated : Oct 8, 2020, 13:13

Coded Inequality is explained as a group of elements that are denoted by a special coded relationship. In banking examinations, coded inequalities questions frequently appear in the reasoning section. It is a scoring topic, and a candidate needs to remember only basic mathematical operations. The standard mathematical rules that are used in coded inequalities include addition, subtraction, division, multiplication, greater than, and less than values. The best way to solve coded inequality questions is by substituting the real signs with the expressions and then solving them.

Anybody who wishes to be an officer in the banking sector needs to prepare for coded inequalities problems in bank exams. The competitive exams like IBPS Clerk, SBI Clerk, SSC CGL, IBPS PO, NICL AO, SBI PO, SBI Associate Clerk, LIC AAO, SBI Associate PO, and others have coded inequalities questions and answers for bank exam. In this article, we have compiled tips and tricks to solve coded inequalities topics for bank exams that might help you while preparing for the exam.

Important Coded Inequalities Topics



Direct Inequalities

Signs- > (greater than), < (less than), = (equal to), ≥ (greater than or equal to), < (less than or equal to), and ≠ (not equal to) are mentioned directly in the problem. 

Coded Inequalities 

Signs- > (greater than), < (less than), = (equal to), ≥ (greater than or equal to), < (less than or equal to), and ≠ (not equal to) are in coded form in the problem. Candidates need to find the sign from the code and solve the problem.


Bracket-Order-Division-Multiplication-Addition-Subtraction rule has to be followed in the left to right sequence to solve the given problem. 

Complementary Pairs 

Either and Or cases happen in complementary pairs. Here, no two elements that do not have common elements can be combined. 

Tips to Solve for Coded Inequalities Questions

Our below-mentioned coded inequalities tricks for bank exams might be valuable to candidates in preparing for the coded inequalities quiz for bank exams:

  • At the time of solving coded inequalities questions, be aware of the signs and representations in the problem. That makes it easier to answer the question without any errors.
  • Never change the sign between two elements. However, H>G or G<H expresses the same meaning.
  • Make a table or any diagram mentioning the sign of each code. It would save you time and provide you with a better understanding of the question.
  • If in a statement a single element is present more than once, then combine the statement to avoid repetition of elements.

Importance of Coded Inequalities in Competitive Government and Banking Exams

  • In the reasoning section, coded inequalities carry a significant weightage, and it is a scoring topic.
  • With the familiarity of the topic, candidates can quickly solve the coded inequalities problems in bank exams.
  • The thorough knowledge of tips and tricks to solve this topic ensures less scope for mistakes.
  • The candidates should practice solving coded inequalities questions to increase their work speed. 

Most Recommended Books for Coded Inequalities

There is an abundance of study material available online for the preparation of coded inequalities. However, candidates can understand the fundamentals, prepare coded inequalities notes for bank exams, and solve the questions from the books available in the market. We recommend learning from:

Book Name & Author/ Publications

Bank PO and Reasoning by Arihant Publishers

Bank PO Solved Papers Reasoning by Arihant

Reasoning Ability by Disha Experts

Reasoning Book for Competitive Examination by Nishit K. Sinha

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  • Which of the following conclusions is incorrect based on the below statement?


Statement: A < B < C < E > D



  • C < A
  • B < E
  • No relation between A & D
  • No relation between A & E
  • A < E


No relation between A & D. Option c is correct. 


  • Which sign should be filled in the blank A___E based on the below statement?


Statement: A < B < C < E > D


  • >
  • <
  • =
  • >
  • <


Option b is correct. A < E as per the given statement.


  • Which of the conclusions is valid as per the below-given statement?


Statement: a) P > E b) E > N

Conclusion: a) P > N b) N > P

On combining both the statements, we get: P > E > N. That means, conclusion a) is correct, i.e., P > N.


  • Which of the conclusions is valid as per the below-given statement?


Statement: F > B > C < D > E

Conclusion: a) F > D b) D > B

There is no definite relation between F & D and D & B. We cannot define which is greater, lesser, or equal.


  • Which of the conclusions is valid as per the below-given statement?


Statement: a) H > B b) B < I

Conclusion: a) H > I b) H < I

There is no relation between H and I. We cannot conclude anything.