Who is a Patwari? What are His Duties?

By Esha Dhawan|Updated : July 7th, 2022

The term ‘Patwari’ is an ancient term that is being used in India since the 18th century. It refers to the village accountant or the individual responsible for keeping the records of land ownerships and more. A patwari is also known as Lekhpal, Kanungo and some other names depending on the state and region.


A Patwari is an individual who is responsible for keeping land records and accounts in a village. A patwari is also known as Lekhpal or Karamchari in different states

What are the Duties of a Patwari?

There are multiple duties associated with a Patwari that include:

  • Collecting the land taxes.
  • Measuring the land to maintain land records.
  • They are responsible for a village group.
  • Patwari is also responsible for coordinating the land revenue collection of farmers.
  • They give details about the crops grown in a particular region to the current government.


Who is a Patwari? What are His Duties?

A patwari is the village accountant responsible for maintaining land records, collecting taxes, measuring the land and giving records of the crops grown in a region to the government. A patwari is also known as a lekhpal, karamchari, kanungo and more in different states of India.


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