Which country ranks first in the Human Development Index?

By Ritesh|Updated : September 3rd, 2022

Norway ranks first in the Human Development Index, according to the Human Development Report 2020, with a score of 0.957. Ireland, Switzerland, and Hong Kong come after it, and India ranks 131st with an HDI score of 0.645.

Human Development Index (HDI) Ranking

The Human Development Report's goals:

  • The HDR of the UNDP is centered on a human development strategy that considers individuals, their chances, and their choices. The report's goals for publication are as follows:
  • Progress in human development
  • Global expansion of people's possibilities, options, and freedom
  • An introduction to cutting-edge theories about human development
  • Calling for concrete policy reforms
  • Putting up a fight against the practices and principles that impede human growth

Human Development Index:

  • Life expectancy at birth and expected years of education are used to measure a healthy life.
  • Average Years of Education
  • Gross National Income Per Capita (PPP$) is a standard of living.
  • India scored 0.647, placing it 129th out of 189 nations.
  • India's life expectancy at birth grew by 11.6 years between 1990 and 2018.
  • Between 1990 and 2019, India's mean years of schooling climbed by 3.5 years, while predicted years of education increased by 4.7 years.
  • India's per capita income climbed by more than 250% between 1990 and 2018.
  • China and Sri Lanka, which rank higher than India in the neighboring nations, were at 85 and 71, respectively.


Which country ranks first in the Human Development Index?

The Human Development Report 2020 places Norway at the top of the Human Development Index with a score of 0.957. Hong Kong, Switzerland, and Ireland follow it. With an HDI score of 0.645, India is ranked 131st.


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