What is the need and importance of PIL?

By Ritesh|Updated : September 6th, 2022

The need and importance of PIL are to uphold the rule of law, advance the cause of justice, and hasten the achievement of constitutional goals. In other words, PIL (Public Interest Litigation) is necessary and significant in the following ways:

  • Defending the rule of law
  • Helping in the meaningful realization of fundamental rights and facilitating the socially and economically disadvantaged parts of society's adequate access to justice

Need and Importance Of PIL (Public Interest Litigation)

  • The phrase "public interest litigation" was adopted from American law, which instituted the practice to provide legal representation to those who did not previously have it.
  • These include the underprivileged, racial minority members, unorganized consumers, and those passionate about environmental issues.
  • No law or regulation contains a definition of PIL.
  • Judges have interpreted this to mean considering the intention of the wider public.
  • The courts have given the general public this power through judicial activism.
  • However, the petitioner must convince the judge that the petition is being filed in the public interest and not simply as needless litigation by a busy body.


What is the need and importance of PIL?

Maintaining the rule of law, promoting the cause of justice, and speeding up the accomplishment of constitutional objectives depend on public interest litigation (PIL). PIL is, therefore, essential because it defends the rule of law, aids in the meaningful realization of fundamental rights, and allows adequate access to justice for those who are socially and economically marginalized in society.


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