WBCS Prelims Exam Analysis 2021 (22 August): WBPSC Exam Review, Level, Attempts & Expected Cut Off

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Updated on: September 13th, 2023

WBCS Prelims Exam Analysis 2021: West Bengal Public Service Commission (WBPSC) has successfully conducted the WBCS 2021 Exam on 22 August 2021 at various centres across the state. In this article, we are sharing with you a detailed WBCS 2021 Exam analysis on the difficulty of the paper, expected cut-offs etc. Candidates are advised to read the WBCS 2021 exam analysis to get an idea of their performance and to plan their further preparation better.


WBCS 2021 Preliminary Test has been conducted on 22 August. In this article, we are providing you with a WBCS 2021 exam complete analysis and will also provide you with an expected cut-off for the WBCS 2021 Exam. Through this analysis, you will get an idea of your performance as well as the difficulty level of the question paper. 

WBCS 2021 Exam Analysis

Candidates must go through the WBCS 2021 exam analysis in a detailed manner below. The WBPSC Prelims exam consists of only 1 MCQ paper. The Prelims paper consists of General Studies and Aptitude questions of 200 marks to be solved in 2.5 hours duration. The marks obtained from this exam will not be added to the final result. It is only a screening test to admit students to the mains examination

WBCS Prelims Exam Analysis 2021 (22 August): WBPSC Exam Review, Level, Attempts & Expected Cut Off

WBCS Prelims Exam Analysis 2021 (22 August): WBPSC Exam Review, Level, Attempts & Expected Cut Off

Download WBCS 2021 Question Paper with Answer Key Here [Soon]

Topic-wise WBCS 2021 Question Paper Analysis

The WBCS 2021 paper contains the following sections. You can gain valuable insights about the WBCS 2021 paper from the details below. 

English Composition

  • Cloze Test
  • Idiom: :make both ends meet” mean
  • Right word for one love oneself
  • Idiom: once in a blue moon mean
  • Sentence convert: Affirmative to interrogative conversion
  • Holier than theu mean
  • Under the weather mean
  • Add a suitable prefix to make opposite of the word capable
  • Synonym: supercilious
  • Claustrophobia mean
  • Cloze Test (Fill in the blanks)
  • Cloze Test (Fill in the blanks)
  • Cloze Test (Fill in the blanks)
  • Antonym: Weird
  • He is taller than you___ two inches. (add Preposition)
  • She___ from the bus and walked to the back gate.
  • Vicissitude mean
  • Correct spelling of Accommodation
  • Find the correct sentence 
  • Antonym: Superficial 
  • He persided___ the meeting.  (add Preposition)
  • Word replacement (serenity)
  • Past tense of rewind
  • Officious mean
  • A place where bee are kept

General Science

  • Solder used for
  • Person on a swing stands up. The time period of the swing
  • Power of lens, focal length
  • A heavy body and a light body have equal kinetic energy
  • Boat floating on a tank carrying passengers, if passenger drink water from the tank then the water level of tank
  • Pure silicon at 0 K is
  • Topographical Map
  • Dilatometer
  • Chopping of an Onion makes one cry 
  • Velocity ratio of one hour hand to one minute hand
  • The Spectrum of color in Compact Disc
  • Ratio of rms speed and most probable speed for ideal gas
  • Pendulum clock
  • The waves produced by motor boat sailing on water
  • Dry ice means
  • The freezing chest in fridge kept at top because
  • Which is not Unit of distance
  • Thermal and electrical conductivity of diamond is
  • Ratio of diameter of moon and earth
  • Solar cooker works on the principle of
  • Length of filament of heater reduced 10% then power 
  • Hydraulic press is based on

Current Events of National and International Importance

  • Gatidhara Scheme
  • NRC
  • New station in Antarctica
  • Asiad Gold Medalist Boxer
  • Niti Ayog 
  • 46th President of USA
  • Rajiv Gandhi khel Ratna Award
  • Virus in bats from Mahabaleshwar
  • Toolkit
  • Covid-19
  • French open 2021
  • Chief Election Commissioner of India
  • Kanyashree Scheme
  • Padman movie
  • Which Commodity tops the current list of Imported commodity 
  • Name of Online Classroom Program cyclone “Yaas” was given by
  • Captain of the Indian Men’s hockey team for the Tokyo Olympics 
  • Sidho and kanho are associated with
  • Chief Guest of Republic Day 2021
  • Central Rice research Institute is 
  • Insurance Premium payable for Swasthya Sathi Scheme
  • Perseverance rover was successfully landed by Nasa on the surface of planet
  • Largest wind farm of India located in
  • What is the limit of annual turnover of small enterprises 
  • Namami Gange Programme
  • Khajuraho the City of the Gods
  • The confluence of Bhagirathi and Alaknanda is located is 
  • ICC World Cup
  • Letter of Burma is a book of essays penned by
  • Who wrote the drama Neeldarpan
  • The leader of Narmada Bachao Andolan
  • Largest IT company in India
  • Badland topography important characteristic of which region

History of India

  • Chipko Andolan is known as
  • Turkish Sultan introduced the Iqta system
  • Editor of newspaper Sandhya
  • Musilm general conquered Bengal in the 13th Century
  • Who wrote Ramcharitmanas
  • Khutba was
  • Militant Nationalism
  • Vikramsila Bihara
  • Allahabad Pillar Inscription
  • Asiatic Society in Calcutta Aligarh School
  • Dandi March
  • Titumir
  • Poverty and unbritish rule in India
  • An eye for an eye will make the whole world blind
  • Khilafat Movement
  • Gandhi influenced by
  • Nayankara System
  • Sher-i-Bengali
  • Sandhykar Nandi
  • Grand Old Man of India
  • Who wrote Amuktamalyada
  • Civil Disobedience Movement
  • Partition of Bengal
  • Netaji INA Flag
  • Rampa Rebellion of 1922-24
  • Revolutionary leader made mercy petition from Jail
  • Pakistan Resolution
  • Safety Valve Theory
  • Ibn Batuta came to India during which ruler
  • Sakabda Commence
  • Swaraj is my birth right
  • Eka Movement
  • Bengal Revolutionaries 
  • Who composed song during Partition of Bengal
  • Ulgulan
  • University of calcutta
  • Ain-i-Dahsala
  • India Independence League
  • Major symbol of Mahatma Gandhi during his non-violent freedom struggle
  • Who Design of first Indian national flag
  • Which sultan was not a slave before he ascended the throne
  • Mughal Emperor during the revolt of 1857
  • First industrial policy revolution taken


  • The highest peak of the Eastern Ghat
  • Sharavati Hydroelectric Project
  • Mukutmanipur Dam
  • Punarbhava & Atrai river
  • The Valley of Kashmir is located in between
  • Largest Glacier
  • Mice 
  • Kurnool-Kudapa
  • Producer of Tin
  • River divides West Bengal
  • Siachen glacier is located at which range
  • Boundary line of sundarban is
  • The largest river of the south India is

Indian Polity and Economy

  • Government of India passed the act to protect the human right in the year
  • Indian Constitution voting age reduced to 18 to 21
  • His superfluous Highness
  • Judges of Supreme  Court retire at the age of 
  • India is a
  • Article 18
  • Inter state council is formed by the
  • New Delhi the new capital of India was inaugurated by Lord irwin
  • Printing Currency
  • Election Commission 
  • The Chief Justice of High Court
  • President of India
  • Article 21 of Constitution of India ensues
  • “Protection of Life and personal liberty” is guaranteed under article no.
  • Which is the Direct tax in India
  • Public Account Committee
  • Inflation is 
  • Export processing Zone
  • Money Bill

General Mental Ability

  • A battery consists of 10 cells, each of emf 1V.
  • A Spring constant
  • Vehicle covers distance what is the average speed
  • DUMA
  • Average Speed
  • Ratio & proportion
  • Time, Speed & Distance
  • Calendar
  • Find the missing number
  • The binary equivalent of decimal number


  • How many new government medical colleges have become functional in West Bengal during the last 10 years.
  • Sabool Sathi is a scheme for
  • What was the carlyle circular and when was it issued in colonial India
  • Shanti swarup bhatnagar prize for which field
  • Who is the custodian of Indian constitution
  • Mansab means 
  • Which is correct for Himalaya range from south to North
  • Variability of rainfall during august in India would be more pronounced generally at
  • First incident of british official assisanation after revolt 1857
  •  Which coastal area of India affected by “Hudhud Cyclone”
  • Sundarban is declared as ramsar site in (year)
  • Subaltern school of historiography was Online Classroom Program headed by
  • Nobel prize in literature was awarded
  • Which novel of sarat chandra reflected the revolutionary movement of India
  • Census of India 2011, which Ut has high sex ratio

WBCS Expected Cut Off Marks 2021 

West Bengal Public Service Commission (WBPSC) will release WBCS Cutoff for 2021 after the completion of WBCS 2021 Exam. Candidates can check the expected WBCS 2021 cut off from the below table. We will also make updates if needed after the exam and a detailed analysis by the BYJU’S Exam Prep Experts.

WBCS Prelims Exam Analysis 2021 (22 August): WBPSC Exam Review, Level, Attempts & Expected Cut Off

Factor Affecting WBCS 2021 Cut Off Marks

WBPSC 2021 cutoff marks depend on multiple factors, i.e., appeared candidates in the Exam, Written Exam Level, etc.

  • Total vacancies
  • Number candidates appeared in the Exam
  • Level of difficulty
  • Previous Year Cut off
  • Reservation 

WBCS Prelims Exam 2021 Question Paper PDF: Download Here

WBCS 2020-21 Preliminary Exam Expected Cut-off

WBCS Prelims 2021: Answer Key Out, Download PDF

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