Which was the Main Center of the Wahhabi Movement in India?

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Updated on: November 9th, 2023

Patna served as the Main Center of the Wahhabi Movement in India. Additionally, it has missions in Bombay, Bengal, UP, Hyderabad, and Madras. It was started by Syed Ahmed Barelvi. With strong political undercurrents during the nineteenth century, there was a major push for socio-religious reform in the Indo-Islamic civilization.

Main Center of the Wahhabi Movement in India

After the rebellion in 1857 turned into an armed struggle, the British launched extensive military campaigns against the followers of the movement. By 1870 the movement was completely defeated. As the first Muslim ruler in India, Shah Walliullah is widely regarded.

  • He served as the model for the Muslim socio-religious reform movement known as the Wahabi Movement, also known as the “Walliullah Movement,” which arose in response to Western influences.
  • Sayyid Ahmad (1786–1831) founded the Wahabi movement in Rae Bareli.
  • The “Quran and Hadith,” or Islamic tradition, served as the movement’s center of gravity.
  • The Wahabi movement sought to purify Islam and restore it to its original simplicity.
  • This Patna-based Islamic revivalist group focused on upholding the fundamental tenets of the faith and bringing it back to its original form.
  • The brutal way in which the Wahhabis defeated the British forces in the War of Ambala (1863) is noticeable.


Which was the Main Center of the Wahhabi Movement in India?

In India, Patna served as the Wahabi movement’s primary hub, and the Dar-ul-Islam was to be established there. As a result, Muslims were in charge of the Wahabi movement. It never acquired the characteristics of a nationalist movement. Instead, it left behind a legacy of isolationist and separatist impulses among Indian Muslims.

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