Which Planet is Also Known as Red Planet?

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Updated on: November 9th, 2023

Mars is also known as the red planet. It is the fourth planet from the sun. It has a rustic red appearance and has two moons. It has a very thin atmosphere and is known as a cold planer identified as a desert. But why is it called the red planet? Keep reading to find out.

Planet is Known as Red Planet

Mars is known as the Red Planet because the iron present in its soil oxidises to give it a reddish color. The rusting of the iron minerals causes the atmosphere and the soil on Mars to appear Red in color. As a result, Mars appears as a red star in the sky and due to its color, the ancient Romans and Greeks named the planet after the god of war.

  • It travels 228 million km around the Sun on average.
  • It is typically 63 degrees Celsius below zero.
  • Numerous unmanned spacecraft have made multiple visits to Mars.
  • On July 15, 1965, Mariner4 was the first spacecraft to make a close approach to Earth. The spacecraft obtained the first pictures of another planet ever taken from a distant planet.


Which Planet is Also Known as Red Planet?

The answer to which planet is known as the red planet is Mars.This is because of the oxidising of the iron minerals or rusting of the soil. As a result, the soil and the atmosphere both start looking orangey-red which has led to the title of the Red Planet. Lastly, it appears as a red star when viewed from earth.

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