What is the Absolute Tax Incidence?

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Updated on: November 9th, 2023

The Absolute Tax Incidence is calculated under the assumption that no other taxes would be levied in its absence. Differential tax incidence is the shift in the distribution of wealth in the economy that occurs when one tax replaces another with no change in overall tax collection.

According to the economic concept of “tax incidence,” the burden of a tax is divided among different stakeholders, including buyers and sellers, producers, and consumers.

Absolute Tax Incidence

The impact of a particular tax on how economic welfare is distributed is known as tax incidence or tax burden in economics. Economists distinguish between those who ultimately pay taxes and those who are initially subject to them.

The tax burden, which accounts for how the tax affects prices, is calculated by comparing real earnings or utility costs before and after the tax is imposed. The main idea behind tax incidence is that it depends on the price elasticity of supply and demand rather than the size of the tax imposed (i.e., where the money is collected has no bearing on where the money is collected).

  • As a matter of general policy, the tax incidence should not violate the ideals of a preferable tax system, particularly justice, and transparency.
  • The tax incidence theory can be used in a variety of ways.
  • In the United States, for example, both the employee and the employer contribute 50% of the payroll tax for Social Security.


What is the Absolute Tax Incidence?

The Absolute Tax Incidence is the assumption used in calculating a tax’s incidence that no other taxes would be charged in its absence. The economic concept of “tax incidence” describes how a tax burden is distributed among various stakeholders, such as buyers and sellers, producers, and consumers.

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