Taj Mahal is Threatened due to the Effect of

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Updated on: November 9th, 2023

Taj Mahal is Threatened due to the Effect of Sulphur Dioxide. The Taj Mahal is built with white marble and is threatened to turn yellowish in color due to environmental pollution and acid rain, especially sulphur dioxide. Sulphur dioxide is produced from pollution created through refineries and other industries.

Effect of Sulphur Dioxide on the Taj Mahal

Sulphur dioxide is a gas that is poisonous and a threat to the Taj Mahal. Sulphur is a common constituent of acid rain and is also produced by automobiles and production processes from the atmosphere. The sulphuric acid became dangerous to the Taj Mahal, which is the major reason behind its turning yellow with time.

Acid rain is also a common cause of Sulphur dioxide polluting the environment. The presence of sulphur dioxide in the atmosphere or environment is not good for the health of the environment, people, or even monuments. The main property of sulphur dioxide is that it is an odorless gas harmful to living beings.

Measures to Protect the Taj Mahal

To protect the Taj Mahal from the damaging effects of air pollution, various measures have been taken, including the use of protective coatings, the installation of air quality monitoring systems, and the enforcement of strict emission standards for industries and vehicles in the surrounding area.

However, the impact of air pollution on the monument remains a significant concern, and ongoing efforts are needed to preserve this iconic landmark for future generations.


Taj Mahal is Threatened due to the Effect of

The effect of Sulphur Dioxide is threatening the Taj Mahal. Sulphur Dioxide is a poisonous gas produced by acid rain and pollution created through refineries and other industries. The sulphur dioxide becomes dangerous because of the conversion into sulphuric acid after combining it with the water and oxygen in the atmosphere. Hence, acid rain and sulphur dioxide are harming the beautiful monument immensely and turning the white marble into a yellowish color slowly.

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