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By Ganesh Mankar|Updated : October 18th, 2021

दर दोन वर्षांनी महाराष्ट्र शासनाच्या महिला व बालविकास विभागातील विविध पदांसाठी महाराष्ट्र लोकसेवा आयोगाकडून नोकर भरती प्रक्रिया राबविण्यात येते.

Maharashtra Public Service Commission conducts recruitment process for various posts in the Women and Child Development Department of the Government of Maharashtra every two years. We have provided the previous year question papers PDF of the MPSC CDPO Written Examination in this article.

 MPSC राज्यसेवा परीक्षेची तयारी करण्यासाठी मोफत चाचणी सुरू करा !


MPSC CDPO Question Papers

  • महाराष्ट्र लोकसेवा आयोगामार्फत महाराष्ट्र शासनाच्या महिला व बाल विकास विभागांतर्गत निरिक्षक प्रमाणित शाळा व संस्था रचना व कार्यपध्दती अधिकारी/ अधिव्याख्याता/जिल्हा महिला बाल विकास अधिकारी/अधीक्षक/सांख्यिकी अधिकारी गट ब, महिला व बाल विकास विभाग या पदाच्या विविध जागांसाठी ऑनलाईन पध्दतीने अर्ज मागविण्यात  येतात. या पदासाठी असलेल्या अटी व अर्हतांची पूर्तता करणारे उमेदवार अर्ज करु शकतात.
  • The MPSC invites online applications for various posts of Inspector Certified School and Institution Structure and Procedure Officer / Lecturer / District Women Child Development Officer / Superintendent / Statistics Officer Group B, Women and Child Development Department under the Department of Women and Child Development, Government of Maharashtra. Candidates who fulfil the conditions and qualifications for this post can apply.
  • Before starting the study of the MPSC CDPO exam 2021, it is crucial to study the previous year's question papers.
  •  After studying the question papers of the previous year, you become aware of the trend of the exam, the importance of various topics factors being asked in the exam.

MPSC CDPO Previous Year Question Papers PDF

The following table provides the direct link to download the previous year question papers of the MPSC CDPO exam.

MPSC CDPO Previous Year Question Papers

 Question paper PDF Link

Answer Key

MPSC CDPO Exam 2021 Question Paper

To be notified

To be notified

MPSC CDPO Exam 2018 Question Paper

Download PDF

Download PDF

MPSC CDPO Exam 2016 Question Paper

Download PDF

Download PDF

MPSC CDPO Exam 2010 Question Paper

Download PDF

Download PDF

 Importance of Question Paper for MPSC CDPO 2021 Exam

  •  प्रत्येकजण अंतिम परीक्षेत उच्च गुण मिळवू शकत नाही, किंवा कोणालाही कमी गुण मिळवायचे नाहीत. सुदैवाने, गेल्या वर्षीच्या प्रश्नपत्रिका विद्यार्थ्यांना MPSC CDPO परीक्षेत चांगले गुण मिळवण्यास मदत करू शकतात. MPSC CDPO परीक्षेला बसणाऱ्या विद्यार्थ्यांसाठी मागील वर्षाच्या प्रश्नपत्रिका सोडवणे महत्त्वाचे आहे. हे त्याला पुरेसे सराव करण्यास आणि विषयाचे तज्ञ बनण्यास अनुमती देते.
  • Not everyone can get high marks in the final exam, nor does anyone want to get low marks. Fortunately, last year's question papers can help students get good marks in the MPSC CDPO exam. It is important for the students appearing for the MPSC CDPO exam to solve the previous year's question papers. This allows him to practice enough and become a master of the subject.

MPSC 2021 Special course for CSAT कोर्सची मोफत चाचणी सुरू करण्यासाठी क्लिक करा !

 Let’s explore the importance of the previous year's question papers for the MPSC CDPO exam 2021.

 Practice makes a man perfect/सराव माणसाला परिपूर्ण बनवतो.

  • To prepare well for the MPSC CDPO 2021 exams, the candidates must thoroughly know all the subjects covered in the MPSC CDPO syllabus.
  • They should have enough time to review the subject before the exam.
  • It will help them to see where they lack in preparation and how to fill the knowledge gap.
  • It will help the candidates to better prepare for their MPSC CDPO 2021 exams.

Self-Assessment/स्वत: चे मूल्यांकन

  • The candidate should make it a habit to solve MPSC CDPO previous year's question papers regularly. 
  • This will help them to better prepare for their exams. They should analyse the strengths and weaknesses of the subject using these papers.

MPSC Combined- Comprehensive कोर्सची मोफत चाचणी सुरू करण्यासाठी क्लिक करा !

 MPSC CDPO Exam 2021: Syllabus

Candidates can check the complete MPSC CDPO 2021 exam syllabus in the given below:







General Knowledge, Logical reasoning, Department related questions




1 Hour


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  • एमपीएससी CDPO 2021 परीक्षेसाठी अधिकृत संकेतस्थळ आहे

  • उमेदवारांनी कला, विज्ञान, वाणिज्य, कृषी, कायद्यामध्ये पदवी किंवा पदव्युत्तर पदवी असणे आवश्यक आहे. सामाजिक कार्य, मानसशास्त्र, गृहविज्ञान किंवा वैधानिक विद्यापीठाचे पोषण किंवा शासनाने मान्यताप्राप्त इतर कोणतीही पात्रता.

  •  MPSC CDPO परीक्षेत मुलाखत साठी 50 गुण असतात.

  • The CDPO examination is conducted by MPSC in two stages.

    1. Written Test
    2. Interview
  • There are a total of 14 subjects in the MPSC CDPO written examination.

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