Target Mains 2022- A Free Mains 2022 Practice Program

By BYJU'S IAS|Updated : June 5th, 2022

BYJU'S Exam Prep IAS Target Mains 2022 Program is meant for UPSC CSE 2022 aspirants to help them revise the entire Mains syllabus and practice answer writing questions from every module. During this 3 month intensive program, students will practice answer writing for CSE (Mains) questions, join the live discussion of Current Affairs and CSE (Mains) questions with expert IAS faculty at 7:30 PM, ensuring comprehensive coverage of the entire Mains syllabus.

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The UPSC CSE (Mains) 2022 is scheduled to be held from 16th September 2022. The Mains exam is a major step to cross over if you wish to crack the UPSC CSE. To help you ease your IAS preparation, BYJU’S Exam Prep (BEP) presents the Target Mains 2022 - a comprehensive revision programme to help you cover the UPSC Mains syllabus effectively and efficiently. 


Starting 13th June 2022, aspirants will be guided in their preparation through Live Current Affairs Sessions covering over 130 topics, Live discussion on CSE (Mains) covering 130 Questions and Answer writing sessions covering the static portions. These sessions will go live every day at 7:30 PM on the BEP App. Attend live interactive sessions with our top IAS trainers who will analyze the relevant topics and address the students’ doubts and queries. 


The sessions will cover the following areas of UPSC CSE(Mains) syllabus: Essay, Art and Culture, Modern History, Post Independence History, Indian Society, Geography, Polity, Governance, Social Issues, International Relations, Economy, Environment & Ecology, Science and Technology, Disaster Management, Security and Case Studies from Ethics paper. What’s more? The questions have been prepared by UPSC experts with years of experience to ensure that you are well prepared before the CSE(Mains) 2022.


All you need to do is download the BEP App, and start learning!


Salient Features of the Target Mains 2022 Program

  • Three months intensive CSE Mains Programme - covering the entire UPSC CSE Mains syllabus. 
  • Students will be provided with a Weekly Plan which will include the following:
    • Topics to be covered in Current Affairs live sessions (Monday and Tuesday).
    • Mains Questions discussion live sessions on Static subjects.(Wednesday and Thursday)
    • Answer writing practice- Mains relevant questions will be published on the BEP App. Aspirants can upload their answers in the comments section and the same would be evaluated by Subject Matter Experts. Model answers would be provided for these questions. (Friday and Saturday)
    • Case Study Sessions for Ethics.(Sunday)
    • The art of Essay Writing sessions.
  • Annotated PPT’s of the live sessions would be provided to the students.
  • All Live sessions will be at 7:30 PM and Answer Writing Sessions will start at 10 AM.
  • All relevant resources prepared by UPSC experts.
  • The program is FREE!


The annotated PPT's can be downloaded from the Video Lessons directly 

Link for the Live Sessions: Target Mains Series

List of Questions for Answer Writing: Questions


Target Mains 2022 Weekly Study Plan

 DateInitiativeSubjectClass LinkAnnotated PDF/Model Answers
13 JunCurrent Affairs LivePolity - 1Click HerePolity-1
14 JunCurrent Affairs Live Polity - 2 Click HerePolity-2 
15 Jun Mains Questions DiscussionEconomics - 1Click Here  Economics-1
16 Jun Mains Questions DiscussionEconomics - 2 Click Here  Economics-2
17 JunUpload your answers Geography Click Here  Model Answer
18 JunUpload your answers  Geography  Click Here Model Answer 
19 Jun Tips: GS IVCase Studies Click HereCase Studies 
20 Jun Current Affairs LivePolity - 3 Click Here  Polity-3
21 JunCurrent Affairs Live  Polity - 4Click Here  Polity-4
22 Jun Mains Questions Discussion Indian Society - 1Click Here  Indian Society - 1 
23 Jun Mains Questions Discussion Social Issues - 1 Click HereSocial Issues - 1 
24 Jun Upload your answers History  Click Here Model Answer 
25 Jun Upload your answers  History Click Here Model Answer 
26 Jun Tips: GS IVCase Studies Click HereCase Studies 
27 Jun Current Affairs LiveSocial Issues - 1    Click HereSocial Issues - 1  

28 Jun

Current Affairs Live Social Issues - 2Click Here  Social Issues - 2 

29 Jun

Mains Questions DiscussionGovernance-1 Click Here  Governance-1 

30 Jun

Mains Questions DiscussionGovernance-2  Click Here Governance-2 

1 Jul

Upload your answers Indian Society  Click Here   Indian Society

2 Jul

Upload your answers  Environment Click Here  Environment 

3 Jul

Tips: GS IV  Case StudiesClick Here   Case Studies

4 Jul

Current Affairs Live Social Issues - 3 Click Here  Social Issues - 3 

5 Jul

Current Affairs Live  Governance - 1  Click Here Governance - 1
6 Jul Mains Questions DiscussionGeography - 1   Click HereGeography - 1  
7 JulMains Questions Discussion  Geography - 2  Click Here Geography - 2
8 Jul Upload your answers Polity   Click Here  Polity
9 Jul Tips: Essay   Click HereEssay 
10 JulTips: GS IV    Case Studies Click Here  Case Studies 
11 JulCurrent Affairs LiveGovernance - 2  Click Here Governance - 2  
12 JulCurrent Affairs Live Governance - 3  Click Here Governance - 3 
13 JulMains Questions Discussion  Geography - 3Click Here Geography - 3 
14 JulMains Questions Discussion Geography - 4  Click Here  Geography - 4 
14 JulUpload your answersS&T Click Here S&T 
15 JulUpload your answers S&T Click Here  S&T  
16 Jul  Tips: Essay  Click Here Essay 
18 JulCurrent Affairs Live S&T -1 Click Here  S&T -1 
19 JulCurrent Affairs Live  S&T-2Click Here   S&T-2 
20 JulMains Questions Discussion  History-Modern India Click Here History-Modern India 
21 Jul Mains Questions DiscussionHistory-Art and CultureClick Here   History-Art and Culture
21 Jul Upload your answers Social IssuesClick Here    Social Issues
22 Jul Upload your answers  Social IssuesClick Here     Social Issues
23 JulTips: Essay  Click Here Essay 
25 JulCurrent Affairs LiveInternational Relations  Click HereInternational Relations  
26 Jul Current Affairs Live International Relations  Click Here  International Relations 
27 Jul Mains Questions Discussion  S&T Click Here S&T 
28 Jul Mains Questions Discussion   S&T Click Here   S&T
28 JulUpload your answers  General Studies Click Here  General Studies
29 JulUpload your answers General Studies  Click HereGeneral Studies  
30 JulTips: Essay   Click HereEssay 


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