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Get UPSC Practice Question Papers for Prelims Exam here. Cracking Prelims is the first step towards achieving your dream of becoming an IAS officer. Being one of the most competitive exams, Prelims require solid preparation. Solving UPSC practice questions for Prelims regularly is one of the best ways to prepare for this exam. In this article, we have shared free UPSC Prelims Practice Papers for candidates looking for a genuine source of important questions for Prelims. Check out the practice papers and incorporate solving them regularly into your study routine. Why Solve UPSC Prelims Practice Questions? It is important to solve UPSC Practice Question Papers for Prelims because it contains questions that are important from an exam point of view. Most of the toppers also make practicing question papers a regular part of their study schedule. Moreover, UPSC Prelims Practice Paper often contains questions that may get asked in the exam. It is advised to make solving practice papers a habit while preparing for the IAS exam. Some of the benefits of solving UPSC Prelims Practice Questions are as follows. Get Access to Important Questions: Practice papers for UPSC are designed by subject experts by assessing the pattern of the most frequently asked questions. Solving UPSC Prelims Practice Papers can help you get access to exclusive questions that are important for exams. Take Mock Exams: With access to good practice papers, you can sit for a mock exam. Set a time limit to solve the UPSC Practice Question Paper for Prelims to check your performance and assess the areas that you need to work on. Build Your Confidence: By solving UPSC Prelims Practice Papers regularly, you would feel familiar with the format of the question paper. This can help you build your confidence and avoid exam-related anxiety.

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In order to ace the upcoming UPSC Prelims Exam, candidates must note that it requires consistent practice and dedicated efforts. The UPSC practice set papers help in discovering the areas of improvement and gaps in knowledge so that you can overcome all the hurdles and create a concrete and strong foundation for the UPSC Exam. The UPSC Practice Set is very informative and important to realize the difficulty level of the exam so that you can strategically prepare for the same. The UPSC Practice Questions Online are also helpful in giving useful insights about the areas which are your strength so that you can focus on them more while attempting the paper. The UPSC practice set papers will also help you to know about the latest exam pattern and exam trends so that you can prepare accordingly. The UPSC practice papers are also beneficial in building your confidence and make you more sound with the exam environment. This is ensured by the real-time exam experience provided by the UPSC Practice set. 

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  • Yes, all the UPSC Sample questions and practice questions on BYJU'S Exam Prep are free of cost. Practice UPSC questions daily to get yourself acquainted to different type of questions.

  • You can practice free UPSC questions for the prelims exam online on BYJU'S Exam Prep.

  • No, you cannot attempt the UPSC practice questions once you have submitted the paper. However, you can view your result, questions, and solutions anytime on your PC or mobile phone.

  • Yes, you can practice UPSC prelims questions on mobile phone as well as on laptop with internet connectivity.

  • Following are the benefits of attempting UPSC Practice questions

    • All the questions are previous year question paper
    • You will get UPSC Questions with Solutions for every question
    • You will attempt the actual test paper thus giving you a real-time experience
    • You will identify your weak and strong sections and work on them.
  • Yes, you can practice UPSC 2020 practice set paper online here on BYJU'S Exam Prep.