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Practice UPSC Quiz Questions and Answers here to crack the IAS exam with a good score. The questions shared here are related to the most important current events. Candidates aspiring to crack the competitive IAS exam must practice UPSC questions and answers regularly to strengthen their preparation for the exam.The quiz shared here is in the MCQ format to help candidates practice in a swift manner. Check out the top UPSC quiz questions and answers to prepare for one of the most competitive exams in the country, the IAS exam.Benefits of UPSC Quiz Questions and AnswersSolving the UPSC quiz regularly is a part of the study strategy of some of the top UPSC scorers. It helps you brush up on your knowledge of current affairs while also allowing you to test your speed. Here are some more reasons why every candidate preparing for the IAS exam must solve the UPSC quiz questions and answers.Test Your Knowledge: Solving quiz can be a great way to test how much you already know. Since the questions shared here are in the multiple-choice format, it will also give you an idea of how solving the actual questions in the IAS exam would feel.Learn: By solving the UPSC questions and answers shared here, candidates will get to learn new concepts and questions in a short amount of time. Revise: Solving UPSC quiz questions and answers is also a great way to revise your topics. The MCQs shared here are related to some of the most important topics for the IAS exam, General Studies, and Current Affairs.Practice: As mentioned, solving questions and answers in MCQ format can give you an idea of what solving the actual paper would be like. Challenge yourself with solving the UPSC quiz shared here in a limited amount of time to practice for the exam.
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UPSC CSE exams require extensive knowledge around the syllabus, excellent conceptual clarity, and regular practice. UPSC quiz is composed as per your exam needs to help you step up the level of your preparation. Attempt the UPSC quiz and strengthen your preparation to get ahead of the competition. Strong foundational clarity of concepts will help you fetch more marks in the UPSC Exams.

Practice UPSC Exam quiz questions

UPSC exam questions include a wide range of questions on Current Affairs and General Studies. BYJU'S Exam Prep UPSC quiz contains updated questions on Current Affairs and also include Indian Polity questions, History questions, Economy questions, NCERT questions, Environment questions, Geography questions, Science & Technology questions and overall General Studies questions. Practice all the relevant subject quizzes and learn to reduce your negatives while improving your score.

  • The UPSC quiz questions are multiple-choice questions. 
  • The UPSC quiz is based on the latest trend and exam pattern.
  • Updated every day and provides time management practice as they are time-based.

UPSC Civil Services: IAS Notification Result, Admit Card, Syllabus, Notification, Exam Dates FAQs

  • Yes, all the UPSC quiz on BYJU'S Exam Prep are free of cost to practice. Practice UPSC quiz questions daily to keep yourself updated with the latest happenings.

  • Yes, all the UPSC quiz questions are updated daily.

  • You will get the following UPSC quiz questions on BYJU'S Exam Prep for practice:

    • UPSC Current affairs quiz questions
    • UPSC Special quiz
    • UPSC Sunject quiz
    • UPSC NCERT/NIOS/IGNOU quiz questions
    • UPSC weekly current affairs quiz questions, and many more.

  • No, you cannot reattempt the UPSC quiz questions once you have submitted the test. However, you can always look the detailed answers of the quiz questions anytime.

  • At the end of each UPSC Quiz you will be provided with your performance review with the following details:

    • Your total as well as sectional score out of the total marks
    • Your All India Rank 
    • Your accuracy%
    • Subject wise exam analysis
    • Number of correct, incorrect attempts made by you

  • Yes, once you have submitthed the UPSC quiz on BYJU'S Exam Prep, you can view the answers for every question along with a detailed explanation.