MPSC Group C Exam Preparation: Expert Tips and Strategy Subject-Wise

MPSC Group C Exam Preparation: Expert Tips and Strategy Subject-Wise

ByArpit Kumar Jain  |  Updated on: Dec 17, 2021
MPSC Group C Exam Preparation: Get here Tips & Expert Strategy for the upcoming MPSC Group C exam, Check best tips by Byju's Exam Prep Expert Faculties and start preparing.
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MPSC Group C Exam Preparation Tips & Strategy

Best preparation tips and strategies for the MPSC Group C exam. These preparation strategies and tips are important for candidates who are preparing for the MPSC Group C exam. Study and preparation are essential for success in the MPSC Group C exam. However, it isn't easy to manage your MPSC Group C preparation period until you have experience. Some of these tips sound like ‘common sense and relate to the importance of taking care of yourself.

There is more about how you study. Both types are essential and will help you study well and do well in the MPSC Group C exam. Maharashtra Public Service Commission organizes the recruitment process for various posts in the Group C category of the Government of Maharashtra.


MPSC Group C Exam Pattern 2022

Check the exam pattern for the MPSC Group C exam. There is only one paper in MPSC Group C prelims. There is 1/4th negative marking for each wrong answer attempted. Below are the detailed MPSC Group C exam pattern 2021.

Exam Type






Objective Type Questions

General Awareness



1 Hour

English & Marathi

MPSC Group C 2022 - 5 Best Preparation Tips and Strategy

The following are specific strategies that have helped many candidates to improve their marks in the exam and prepare for the MPSC Group C exam more effectively.

Tip 1: Revision

  • There is no substitute for getting started early.
  • You need to give yourself enough time to revise everything you have studied and make sure you understand it (or read on this topic or ask for help if you are having trouble). Last-minute cramming is much less productive.
  • Ideally, review each MPSC Group C syllabus topic as you go and make sure you fully understand it, as this will make repetition easier. In the end, the best tip is to study hard and get to know your subject, and the best way to achieve this is to start early.

Tip 2: Organise your study time

  • You will almost certainly find some MPSC Group C subjects more accessible than others. You may also find that you have to revise some topics more than others.
  • It will also help you think about when and how much time you will spend studying each day. How much time can you manage/handle each day? What other commitments/engagements do you have during your study period?
  • When is the best/suitable time of day for you - morning, afternoon, or evening? Can you read more at a particular time? Plan your repetition/revision to make sure you use your time to your best advantage. This will help you plan in detail what you want to do, although you should always be flexible enough to adapt later if the situation changes.

Tip 3: Know the MPSC Group C exam

  • Make sure that you have seen the previous papers of MPSC Group C.
  • This will ensure that you are ready for the type of exam you will sit for, be it multiple-choice, short answer, or essay.
  • Find out what is expected of you? For example, how many questions will you have to answer in each section? Of course, you still have to read the instructions on paper and make sure they are the same, but this will help you feel comfortable about what to expect.
  • More importantly, make sure you practice the right questions.

Tip 4: Use Visual Aids

  • Visual aids, charts, diagrams, and graphs help the MPSC Group C exam. Organizing the vital information into diagrams and tables helps compress and simplify information and improves memory during the test.

Tip 5: Stay Healthy

  • Getting plenty of rest and regular exercise will increase your ability to do well in the MPSC Group C exam. 
  • Eat a nutritious meal before taking the test to be alert and focused. Stay away from junk food. 
  • Before the MPSC Group C test, eating junk food or sugar will quickly lower your energy levels and affect your focus ability.

The MPSC Group C exam is a difficult one, but it is not impossible. What is needed is a commitment/dedication to excellence and the ability to study and ensure that you get enough rest to rejuvenate yourself. Follow the tips mentioned above, and you will get a place in the MPSC Group C exam.

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MPSC Group C Preparation FAQs

  • To pass the MPSC Group C exam, the candidate should know the syllabus of the exam first. It is also important to know some important tips and strategies that are given in this article.

  • The MPSC Group C exam is in both Marathi and English. Students who have been taught in English since childhood can study the English exam, and those who have learned in Marathi should prepare for the exam in Marathi.

  • The 'MPSC Diary' is the best book to study the MPSC Group C exam in the shortest possible time and revise it on the last day of the exam.

  • Candidates must study for at least six to eight hours daily, depending on the MPSC Group C Examination syllabus. This duration of study can vary from person to person.

  • The MPSC Group C exam can be passed on the first try, but it requires hard work and dedication. Difficult but not impossible. Follow the tips & strategies mentioned above, and you will get a place in the MPSC Group C exam.

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