Maharashtra Police Bharati Exam: Previous Year Papers

By Saroj Singh|Updated : July 30th, 2021

Maharashtra Police Bharati Exam Previous Year Papers are very important reference sources for effective preparation of the exam. Solving the previous year papers helps to understand the trend and key areas the exam conducting authority emphasizes upon. 

In this article, various aspects related to Maharashtra Police Bharti Exam previous year papers are discussed in detail. 

Maharashtra Police Bharati Exam: Previous Year Papers 

The Maharashtra Police Exam is conducted by the Maharashtra Police Department for the recruitment of Police Constables across the State. The selection process involves two screening tests, i.e., the written and the physical test (physical efficiency and physical standard test). To ace the preparation effectively, all the candidates are advised to check the detailed exam pattern, syllabus and solve the previous year papers. Solving the previous year papers lets a candidate manage time during the exam and improve accuracy. It also helps in framing the preparation strategy, and candidates can assess their level of preparedness and track their progress. Besides this, a candidate is advised to refer to the Maharashtra Police Constable Cut Off.

The Maharashtra Police is the key law enforcement agency of the State and is headed by the Director-General of Police. The Maharashtra Police Department is headquartered in Mumbai, Maharashtra. It has one of the largest workforces in the country and has units in 35 districts in the State. As per the statistics, the Maharashtra Police Department has 1.95 lakhs of men and 1.5 lakh women in its workforce.

Maharashtra Police Bharti Exam’s previous year is the important source of defining key areas on which questions are framed. As the exam is held district-wise, the candidate gets a fair idea of what to prepare and what not! An effective study plan is framed thereby. Familiarity with exam patterns is highly crucial for revising those areas, and this is possible only by referring to the previous year papers.

The previous papers give familiarity with the paper pattern and will be a great tool for the revision of your studied information. Given below are some of the previous year papers tabulated:


Maharashtra Police Constable Previous Year Question Papers

Download Question Papers


 Mumbai Police Bharti 2017

To be uploaded soon 


 Nagpur Police Bharti 2017 

 To be uploaded soon


  Navi Mumbai Police Bharti 2017

 To be uploaded soon


What is the importance of solving Maharashtra Police Bharti Previous Year Papers?

The Maharashtra Police Bharati Papers are a reservoir of important topics upon which the Police Department emphasizes and expects a candidate to be thorough with these. 

  • Previous Year Papers (PYPs) act as a great tool to rehearse and practice the key topics in a sectional manner, i.e., question scan be practised topic-wise. 
  • The previous year papers help revise all the studied topics, and regular solving makes them retain for a longer duration.
  • Solving previous year papers help to skim the relevant topics from the non-relevant.
  • With repeated solving, previous year papers can reduce the time to attempt the questions and thereby helps to improve the question-solving speed.
  • Previous year papers are a reservoir of a variety of questions and hence boost confidence as the candidate attempts them more.
  • Regular solving help develop familiarity, and certain key ideas related to knowledge of the application of formulas and their complete application are also developed.
  • Attempting previous year papers helps analyze the strong and weak areas of a candidate. Thereby, the candidate gets a chance to focus more on the sections that are weak and improve by strengthening them.
  • Lastly, the previous year papers increase the chance of cracking the exam as the preparation can be streamlined and aced accordingly. This gives the candidate an edge over other aspirants.


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  • The Maharashtra Police Bharti Application form seeks online filling up, but the exam is conducted in an offline mode across the various districts in the State. Amid the pandemic, if any changes with respect to the mode of exam, we shall update here.

  • Previous year papers of Maharashtra Police Bharti plays a greater role in defining the preparation as with every district; the questions vary, emphasizing the GK questions of a particular region. Therefore, a candidate must refer depending on their choice of centre. Referring to the previous year paper helps get an idea of skimming relevant topics.

  • The Previous Year Papers (PYPs) are regarded as a great tool to practice and revise the key topics in a topic-wise manner and helps understand the nature of questions and comprehend the concepts better. Therefore, regular solving makes them retain for a longer duration.

  • It has been observed that regular solving of previous year papers helps develop familiarity of the paper pattern, and shortcuts can be developed with rehearsal in case of aptitude questions. More applied oriented shorts cuts are developed with the increased attempt of these papers.

  • Solving the previous year papers lets a candidate helps define the key areas on which questions are frequently framed. It also helps manage time during the exam and improve accuracy with speed. Awareness of the trend and the nature of questions with the difficulty level help framing the right preparation strategy, and candidates can assess their level of preparedness while tracking their progress. 

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