JPSC Study Material/Plan 2021 (Hindi/English): Weekly Plan for Prelims Exam [Free]

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Updated on: September 11th, 2023

JPSC Study Plan 2021: The JPSC notification has been released & JPSC conducts exam to recruit for the posts like Deputy Collector, Jail Superintendent, Assistant Registrar, Assistant Director, Planning Officer, Probation Officer and many other Post. According to the Official JPSC Notification Prelims Exam expected to conduct on 02 May 2021. In this JPSC Prelims Study Plan, we are providing a detailed weekly study plan for the JPSC Prelims Exam 2021.

JPSC Study Material 2021 [Weekly]

 JPSC Prelims Preparation Plan & Study Material


Study Material (Hindi & English)

Week 1

Chronology of Indian History: Click Here

Indus Valley Civilization: Click Here

Early Vedic Period: Click Here

Later Vedic period: Click Here 

Buddhism & Jainism: Click Here

Mahajanapada, Shishunaga Dynasty, Haryanka Dynasty, Nanda Dynasty: Click Here

Maurya Period: Click Here

Foreign Invasions in India: Click Here

Kushana Empire: Click Here

Gupta Period: Click Here

Sangam Age: Click Here

Chalukya Dynasty and Pallava Dynasty: Click Here

Week 2

Palas, Pratiharas and Rashtrakutas: Click Here

The Rajput States: Click Here

Vijaynagar and Bahmani Kingdoms: Click Here

Bhakti and Sufi Movement: Click Here

Peasant Movements in India: Civil Uprising: Click Here

Tribal Revolts in India: Click Here

Political & Socio-religious Organization Before INC: Click Here

Governor-General and Viceroy of India: Click Here

Week 3

Indian National Movement (1885-1905):

Indian National Movement (1905-1917): 

Newspapers and Journals during British India: 

Indian National Movement (1917-1947): 

Education during the British Period: 

Revolutionary Movements During British Period: 

Development of Press during the British Period: 

Land Revenue System: 

Indian monuments and their builders: 

Classical Dances, Folk Dances and Martial Arts: 

Indian Paintings: 

Week 4

Famous Temples in India:

Indian schools of Ancient Indian Philosophy: 

UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage Sites in India: 

UNESCO World Heritage Sites: 

Puppetry, Theatre Forms, Musical Instrument: 

National Income: 

Various Price Indices in India: 

RBI and Monetary Policy: 

Different type of Unemployment: 

Inflation (Types and Effects): 

History of Banking in India: 

Banking System in India: 

Capital Market: 

Balance of Payment: 

Solar System: 

Week 5

Mughal Architecture: 

Architecture During Delhi Sultanate: 

Ancient Indian Architecture: 

Important Articles: 

Historical Evolution of the Constitution: 

Making of Indian Constitution: 

Preamble, Union and Its Territory, Citizenship: 

Fundamental Rights & Fundamental Duties: 

Directive Principles & State Policies: 

Soils and Agriculture in India: 

World Geography: Part-1:

World Geography: Part-2: 

World Geography: Part-3: 

Interior Structure of the Earth: 

Important Tribes of India: 

Week 6

President of India  

Vice President of India: 

Indian Parliament: 

Indian Judiciary: 

Constitutional Bodies: 

Non-Constitutional Bodies: 

Governor, CM and CoMs: 

Important Amendments: 

The local Government system in India:

Important facts: Part-1

Important facts: Part-2

Indian Cities Nicknames 

Important Indian Cities on River Banks

Famous Sports Personalities in India

International Organisations: 

National Symbols of India: 

Week 7

Minerals and Energy Resources: 

Five Year Plans: 

Census 2011: 

Introduction of Union Budget: 

World Trade Organisation:  

NITI Aayog: 

Physiography of India Part-1: 

Physiography of India Part-2: 

Drainage System in India: 

Environment & Ecology Part-1 

Environment & Ecology Part-2

Biodiversity Hotspots in India & World

Week 8

Tiger Reserves in India

Biosphere Reserves in India

National Parks

Ramsar Wetlands

Environmental Conventions and Protocols

Environment Pollution:  

Important Lakes in India: 

Natural Vegetation in India: 

Important Dams in India: 

Minerals in India

Jharkhand Special


 Study Material Link

History of Jharkhand  

will be updated soon

Jharkhand movement 

will be updated soon

Art & Culture of Jharkhand

will be updated soon

Literature of Jharkhand 

will be updated soon

Art & Architecture of Jharkhand 

will be updated soon

Jharkhand: Sports

will be updated soon

Geography of Jharkhand

will be updated soon

Economy of Jharkhand

will be updated soon 

Polity of Jharkhand

 will be updated soon

Jharkhand: Industries and resources

will be updated soon

Forest & Wildlife of Jharkhand

will be updated soon 

Land Related acts of Jharkhand

will be updated soon


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