Control Systems

By : Rahul Ranjan

Control Systems is one of the important subjects in Electrical Engineering as it covers a weightage of 8-10 marks. This subject mainly manages the commands and regulates the behaviour of other devices or systems using control loops. Questions asked in this subject are mostly numerical based on the topics Transfer Function, Compensators and Controllers, Nyquist Stability Criteria and Analysis, State Space, Time Domain & more. Thus, by seeing the practical applications of this subject you can be much more involved and can easily generate interest which you may lack otherwise. So, the key to this subject is to learn practical applications side by side or else these subjects can become very monotonous.

To hit it hard and achieve success, we have compiled all the study notes, important books, study material, important formulas, weightage analysis & more in a tabular form for the upcoming GATE, ESE (IES), ISRO and other EE exams.

Control SystemsBooks to prepare Control Systems
Important Topics for Control Systems
Important Formulas for Control Systems
Weightage Analysis for Control Systems

Control Systems Notes for Electrical Engineering

Transfer Function
Compensators and Controllers
Basics of Control System
Nyquist Stability Criteria and Analysis
State Space Analysis
Time Domain Analysis
Feedback Principle and Frequency Response
Routh-Hurwitz and Various Plots
Control Systems