AFCAT Salary 2024: Per Month for Ground Duty, Flying Posts

AFCAT Salary 2024: Per Month for Ground Duty, Flying Posts

ByNaveen Singh  |  Updated on: Sep 25, 2023
AFCAT Salary 2024 details are given here. Candidates who pass the exam, which will be held in April 2024, will be remunerated with a monthly AFCAT salary, including additional allowances, etc.

AFCAT Salary 2024 details for technical and non-technical branches is provided here. Indian Air Force (IAF) recruits thousands of candidates every year in the technical & non-technical branches. The reputed designation, job responsibilities, lucrative salary, and a desire to serve the nation attract a lot of candidates to compete for the job. All aspiring candidates must know the AFCAT salary details as it can motivate them to prepare dedicatedly for the exam.

Here, we have provided AFCAT salary details, including salary structure, per month salary, and a stipend during training for Flying Branch, and Ground Duty (technical and non-technical) branches. Check out these details and get to know about the compensation you will be receiving if you end up getting selected.

AFCAT Salary 2024

Indian Air Force provides handsome salaries with lucrative allowances and benefits to the candidates selected in technical or non-technical branches. The shortlisted candidates get their monthly AFCAT salary and various benefits and allowances. Candidates can join any of the three major posts in the Indian Air Force by clearing the AFCAT 1 2024 Exam. The details of the branches that a candidate can join after clearing the exam are given in the pointers below:

  • Flying Branch
  • Ground Duty (Technical) Branch
  • Ground Duty (Non-Technical) Branch

The salary for the 2024 session is similar to the last session's AFCAT salary as there are no significant revisions in grade pay, in-hand salary, and allowances. We have discussed branch-wise AFCAT salary, in-hand salary, job profile, etc., in detail here. Read the information given below to know about the same.

AFCAT Salary Per Month

AFCAT salary per month consists of multiple components, including base pay, and some additional allowances and benefits on top of it. Furthermore, the AFCAT salary gets increased every year. There is a fixed amount of increment given to every candidate on the basis of their service period. The AFCAT salary differs from rank to rank and can be between ₹ 56,100/- at the lowest level.

AFCAT Salary Structure

By going through the AFCAT salary structure, candidates will better understand the scope of remuneration that they will get every month for their service. The table given below describes the details of pay band, military service pay & the CPC, which are provided to the employees. Go through the details provided here:


AFCAT Salary

Pay Band

₹ 56,100/- per month


₹ 56,000/- to INR 1,10,700/-

Military Service Pay

₹ 15,500/- per month

AFCAT In Hand Salary

The AFCAT in-hand salary for all those who are recruited for the different posts is tabulated below. Through this table, aspirants can get an overview of what will be the exact amount they will get after all the deductions. Check out the branch-wise salary for AFCAT below:


AFCAT Salary

Flying Branch

₹ 85,372/-

Ground Duty (Technical)

₹ 74,872/-

Ground Duty (Non-Technical)

₹ 71,872/-

AFCAT Branch Wise Salary

Candidates appearing for the exam must want to know the AFCAT salary for different roles within the Indian Air Force. This will help them understand what their monthly/annual pay would be as they progress from one rank to another during their tenure in the IAF. For details about the AFCAT branch-wise salary, refer to the table given below:



AFCAT Salary (in Indian Rupees)

Level 10

Flying Officer

56,100 - 1,77,500

Level 10 B

Flight Lieutenant

6,13,00 - 1,93,900

Level 11

Squadron Leader

6,94,00 - 2,07,200

Level 12A

Wing Commander

1,21,200 - 2,12400

Level 13

Group Captain

1,30,600 - 2,15,900

Level 13A

Air Commodore

1,39,600 - 2,17,600

Level 14

Air Vice Marshal

1,44,200 - 2,18,200

Level 15

Air Marshal HAG Scale

1,82, 200 - 2,24,100

Level 16

HAG + Scale

2,05,400 - 2,24,400

Level 17

VACS/Airforce Cdr / Air Marshal (NFSG)

2,25,000/- (fixed)

Level 18


2,50,000/- (fixed)

AFCAT Allowances and Additional Benefits

Along with the AFCAT salary, all employees of the IAF (Indian Air Force) receive a lot of perks & additional benefits which are listed below. With such kinds of perks & benefits being offered to the selected aspirants, the job in the IAF is more desirable and one would not want to miss out on this chance. Check out the allowances given along with AFCAT salary below:

  • Insurance
  • Scholarship & Welfares
  • Medical
  • Loan Facility
  • Educational Opportunities
  • Post-Retirement Benefits
  • Placement Cell
  • Accommodation
  • Annual leave for sixty days per year
  • Casual leave of twenty days per year
  • Leave travel concessions
  • Institute & Messes membership
  • Grants from the AFWWA (Air Force Wives Welfare Association)
  • School facilities
  • Rail concessions
  • Secured camp life
  • CSD facilities
  • Recreational & sports facilities
  • Other Benefits (includes Travel Concession, School Facilities, Accommodation, etc.)

AFCAT Salary During Training Period

Those candidates who qualify at every stage of the AFCAT Selection Process will undergo specific training at the Air Force Academy for a fixed interval of time. During the whole training period, the aspirants receive a fixed amount of money in the form of a stipend. On the successful completion of the training, the AFCAT salary of the candidates will be of Pay Level 10. The training period salary is as described below:

  • Training of male and female candidates will be for a fixed interval of time at specified Air Force training establishments.
  • AFCAT training period salary for all candidates will be ₹56,100/- per month.

AFCAT Job Profile

Before applying for a post in the Indian Air Force, the aspirant must be familiar with the AFCAT job profile. It will help them understand the challenges and requirements of the job. Here, we have shared the AFCAT job profile for all posts in detail:


AFCAT Job Profile

Flying Branch

Operate and supervise fighter planes,

Transportation of materials, ammunition, etc.

Ground Duty (Technical) Branch

Maintaining technical equipment of the aircraft,

Managing technicians on the job.

Ground Duty (Non-Technical) Branch

Administration of Fighter Controller and Air Traffic Controller,

Looking after the Accounts and Logistics of the department.

AFCAT Career Growth and Promotions

Candidates who join the IAF will get amazing opportunities for growth in their careers. The AFCAT salary of the candidates will also increase as they get promoted to higher roles. Find the information about the AFCAT career growth given below:

  • After 3 years of service as a Flying Officer, the candidate will be promoted to Flight Lieutenant.
  • After 6 years of service, the candidate will be promoted to Squadron Leader.
  • Technical Officers (Engineers) will be provided with a seniority of 2 years for a comparable promotion and pay as the IAF officers.


  • AFCAT salary 2024 differs from candidate to candidate based on their rank in the Indian Air Force. At Level 10, the salary would be ₹56,100 for Flying Officer, and at Level 18, it can go up to ₹2,50,000 (fixed) for CAS. Your per annum salary will also include many benefits and allowances.

  • According to the AFCAT salary structure, all the recruits of the Indian Air Force will receive monthly base pay, CPC, and Military Service Pay for their service, the details of which are given below:

    • Pay Band - ₹ 56,100/- per month
    • Military Service Pay - ₹ 15,500/- per month
    • CPC - ₹ 56,000/- to INR 1,10,700
  • The AFCAT salary per month can range between ₹56,100 to ₹2,50,000, depending on the rank you hold within the Indian Air Force. Your per month salary will also include certain allowances, perks, and benefits like Insurance, Scholarship & Welfare, Medical, Loan Facility, Educational Opportunities, and more.

  • The in-hand AFCAT salary for the Ground Duty Officer in the Technical branch is  ₹ 74,872/-. Several privileges and deductions are there in the AFCAT salary package. As you move on to the higher ranks in the Indian Air Force, your monthly package and the benefits you receive will also increase accordingly.

  • The AFCAT salary is inclusive of many additional allowances given to candidates according to their rank in the Indian Air Force. Some of the allowances and benefits that the candidates receive include Post-Retirement Benefits, Accommodation, Annual leave for sixty days, Casual leave of twenty days, Leave travel concessions, etc.

  • The in-hand AFCAT salary for the Ground Duty Officer in the Non-Technical branch is  ₹ 71,872/-. Typically, the salary for those in the technical branch is greater than those in the non-technical branch. However, every candidate receives many allowances and benefits along with their monthly salary.

  • AFCAT training period salary for all candidates will be ₹56,100/- per month. This amount remains fixed for all candidates and is not inclusive of any additional perks or allowances. Candidates will receive all additional benefits once their training is completed.

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