World War 1 [1914 - 1918]

By : Neha Dhyani

Updated : May 23, 2022, 5:45

World War 1 (28 July 1914 - 11 November 1918), also known as the Great World War, was a deadly conflict between different parts of Europe. The four years of war caused many casualties and many other disastrous consequences.

Causes of the World War 1

There was no one reason for World War 1, it happened because of different events in 1914:

The new International Policy of Germany: There was a new policy introduced by the emperor of Germany, Wilhelm II. Under this policy, he decided to seek his country into a world power. So Germany was seen as a threat by other forces, causing destabilisation of the international situation.

Mutual defence alliances: Countries throughout Europe made mutual defence alliances. The primary purpose was that if one of the countries were attacked, the other countries would come in partnership to save or defend them.

The triple alliance: This alliance linked Germany with Austria-Hungary and Italy. The triple Entente was made with the alliance of Britain, France, and Russia.

Imperialism: Before World war 1, Africa and many parts of Asia had a heated disagreement regarding raw materials. This Increasing competition led to an increase in the argumentative situation, causing a push toward world war 1.

The assassination of Franz Ferdinand: Archduke Franz Ferdinand was shot dead by a Serbian person in June 1914. Archduke Franz Ferdinand was the next king of Austria-Hungary. Due to this, Austria-Hungary declared war against Serbia.

Russia declared its involvement as Serbia was its alliance. Germany also declared war against Russia as Austria-Hungary was in alliance with Germany. Hence, Britain also got involved in the war against Germany because of the invasion of Belgium.

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Important Battles of World War 1

The important events and battles of World War 1 are as follows:




The naval blockade of Germany led to the German submarine blockade

1915 – April – May

In the second battle of Ypres- Germany use gases of poison for the war

1915 – May 22

Italy was seen joining the Allies group

1915 - Month of September

Failure of the French and British Campaign

1916 – Month of February

The Battle of Verdun started. It lasted for around five months

1916 – Month of March

Gallipoli's campaign fails. The forces of New Zealand and the British knocked the Ottoman Turkey forces from the war.

1916 – Month of June

The Russian forces which were led by general Brusilov got defeated by the Germans

1917 – April 6

The United States joined the group of allies in the war.

1917 – Month of July

The third battle of the Ypres: In this battle the Allied forces gained some power.

1917 – Month of October

Germany and Austria defeated the Italians in the battle.

1918 – Month of March

Russia and Germany signed the Armistice.

1918 – Month of July

Germany starts an offensive attack on the west side.

1918 – Month of November

An Armistice was signed between the Germans and the Allies group. It was signed at the 11th hour and led to the End of World War I

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There were more than 9 million deaths and more than 13 million civilian deaths as a result of World War 1. It was primarily a battle between the Allied Powers and the Central powers. The prominent members of allied forces were France, Russia, and Britain, and the prominent members of central powers were Germany, Austria-Hungary, and Bulgaria.

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FAQs on World War 1

Q1. How did the first world war 1 start?

The assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand was the major cause of World War 1.

Q2. What was the duration of World War 1?

World War 1 lasted from 28 July 1914 to 11 November 1918.

Q3. Who fought World War 1?

World War 1 was fought between the Central Powers and Allied Powers.

Q4. Who were the members of the Allied Powers in World War 1?

The members of the Allied Powers in World War 1 were France, Russia, and Britain.