Lalandar Dam: Know about Shahtoot Dam Project

By : Neha Dhyani

Updated : Jun 16, 2022, 5:37

One of the most recent trade relations between India and Afghanistan is the inking of the pact for the Shahtoot Dam, also known as the Lalandar Dam. After the India-Afghanistan Friendship Dam (Salma Dam), which was launched by the Prime Minister and President in June 2016, is India's second significant dam in Afghanistan.

India and Afghanistan have agreed to construct the dam to provide water to Kabul City. The initiative is part of India's and Afghanistan's New Development Partnership. S. Jaishankar, India's external affairs minister, and Haneef Atmar, Afghanistan's counterpart, have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to begin work on the Lalandar Dam.

Afghanistan's Bilateral Relations with India

India and Afghanistan share a strong relationship based on historical and cultural ties. 

The Strategic Partnership Agreement, which was signed between the two countries in October 2011, has enhanced India-Afghanistan relations in the recent past. Talking about the trade relations between the two nations, figures for the fiscal year 2016-17 show bilateral trade was estimated to be around USD 800 million, with enormous room for growth.

One of the goals of India's construction of the Zaranj-Delaram road was to improve bilateral commercial relations while also providing Afghanistan with another route to a seaport.

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Benefits of the Lalander Dam

The benefits include:

  • Meeting Kabul City's safe drinking water needs
  • Providing irrigation water to adjacent communities
  • Repairing the existing irrigation and drainage network
  • Assisting in flood protection and management operations in the area
  • Providing energy to the region
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Features of Lalander Dam

The Lalander Damdemonstrates India's continued support for Afghanistan. The agreement's signing is all the more noteworthy given the country's complicated peace process with the Taliban and the widespread violence against journalists, politicians, and civil society activists. It also demonstrates India's strong and long-term commitment to Afghanistan's socio-economic development.

India and Afghanistan are important partners and close neighbours. Both governments have pledged to work together to create a region free of terrorism and extremism. India also supports the Taliban reconciliation process, which is "Afghan-led, Afghan-owned, and Afghan-controlled."

The Shahtoot Dam (Lalander Dam) will be built in Afghanistan on a tributary of the Kabul River. The project has a budget of about $300 million. The Afghan Ministry of Energy and Water signed a deal with Iran's Poyab Company to finalise the design of the Shatoot Dam. It will provide drinkable water to more than 2 million Kabul inhabitants and irrigation for 4,000 hectares of land in Char Asiab and nearby districts. The Dam will also provide the Deh Sabz District with safe drinking water.

The Lalander Dam would be erected on the Maidan River, a tributary of the Kabul River. This Dam is expected to streamline the relationship between India and Afghanistan to a large extent.

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FAQs about Lalander Dam

Q.1 On which river will the Lalandar Dam be constructed?

The Lalandar Dam will be constructed on the Maidan river.

Q.2 Which countries are involved in the construction of the Lalandar Dam?

India and Afghanistan are involved in the Lalandar Dam construction.

Q.3 What is the location of the Lalander Dam?

Shahtoot or Lalander Dam is a projected dam in the Char Asiab District of Kabul Province.

Q.4 What is the other name of Lalander Dam?

The other name of Lalander Dam is Shahtoot Dam.