Earth Hour: Know What is Earth hour about?

By : Neha Dhyani

Updated : Jan 28, 2022, 6:25

During Earth Hour, people are encouraged to switch to natural ways of living. People are also encouraged to live in a renewable-based economy. These simple switches can make the life of the people much more organized and at the same time help our planet Earth.

In some countries, they follow 3 switches including:

  • Switching to solar power
  • Switching your mode of transportation
  • Switching off the lights to restore the powerhouse.

What is Earth hour about?

Every year on the last Saturday off March is seen to be Earth hour. The WWF started it with a symbolic lights-out event in Sydney. It was the world's largest grassroots movement for the environment. This movement engages various people to switch off their lights to support the planet.

Earth hour goes beyond the symbolic action of just switching off lights. It drives major legislative changes by harnessing the collective action and power of the people. It is an open movement that welcomes anyone and everyone to take part and amplify the mission of uniting people to protect the planet.

During earth hour 2021, many people from all over 192 countries come together to show that they are concerned about the future of Earth. Millions of these people made the Earth the spotlight by talking about it on their news feeds and media timelines.

Various celebrities also joined the league of taking care of the planet Earth. Some of these celebrities also spoke up for safeguarding nature and thinking about the betterment of the planet. These celebrities include Pope Francis, Diya Mirza, DJ Armin, Sofia Vergara, Park Seo Joon, Van Buren and many more.

Earth Hour during COVID

Earth hour drew together people from different parts of the world. Even during the pandemic situation, this was no exception. Despite the physical distance, people united digitally to speak about nature and urged others to take care of it. Most earth hour celebrations were organized in a virtual model.

During the recent earth hour, world leaders spoke to millions of people to take urgent actions to help tackle Earth's biggest environmental challenges. There were about 2.4 million views on the virtual spotlight video in just 24 hours.

Earth hour day 2022

This year in April, the world leaders will attend a conference in the United Nations on biodiversity and nature. The schedule for 2020 was postponed because of the pandemic scenario. It was the 15th conference on biological diversity. This conference will present an unmissable opportunity to shape the next decades on this planet. It can only happen if the leaders at the United nation conference can establish a binding and ambitious global commitment.

Until and unless the world leaders come forward and put their effort into protecting our planet, the planet's rising temperature would cause irreversible damages. Due to this, the earth hour day movement is relevant in every country. We are moving towards a very serious state. The crucial opportunity that Earth Hour provides to the people would help build global momentum. Hence, understanding the importance of earth hour is extremely necessary for each of us.

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FAQs about Earth Hour

  • When is earth hour celebrated?

Ans. Earth Hour is celebrated on the last Saturday of March every year.

  • Why is earth hour so important?

Ans. All of us need to join the earth hour movement to help our planet overcome irreversible damages.

  • What to do during Earth Hour?

Ans. During Earth Hour, you can change one of your habits to help mother nature. For instance, you can switch off lights if you do not need to use them.