Difference Between Allied and Axis Powers

By : Neha Dhyani

Updated : Mar 30, 2022, 6:24

The terms originated during World War II. Several powerful countries of the world were involved in the conflict, making it a global war between two military alliances the Allies and the Axis powers from 1939 to 1945.

To understand the Difference Between Allied and Axis Powers, let's first delve into the war's historical background

What Started the Second World War?

Some of the underlying causes that started the war were -

  • Hitler's rise to power

In 1933, Adolf Hitler became Germany's Chancellor with an absolute majority. Hitler, a fascist, wanted Germans to dominate Europe by making Germany the most powerful country. As such, he strengthened Germany's defence forces.

Giving in to his fanatic mission of restoring Germany's power and wealth, in 1936, German troops annexed the German-speaking areas of France, Austria, and Czechoslovakia. Britain and France were aware of Hitler's actions but wanted to avoid a war.

  • The strategy of appeasement and its failure

Britain and France were not ready to go to war against Germany. As such, they agreed to Hitler's demands to avoid conflict. In other words, they appeased' by allowing Germany to take over German-speaking areas in Czechoslovakia. The agreement was also met because the countries believed that the Treaty of Versailles from World War I was unfair to Germany.

However, in 1939, Germany broke the appeasement by invading the rest of Czechoslovakia and other countries. On September 1, 1939, Germany invaded Poland.

Defending Poland, Britain and France declared war on Germany, and so, WWII officially began in Europe on September 1, 1939.

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Difference Between Allied and Axis Powers

WWII touched many nations of the world, but the war was fought between two opposing leagues of countries known as the Allied and the Axis powers.

The main points of the Difference Between Allied and Axis Powers -

Allies Power

Axis Power

The Allied countries were France, Great Britain, the Soviet Union, and the United States (joined after Japan attacks Pearl Harbour in 1941).

China was engaged in a war with Japan during WWII and is also referred to as an Allied power.

The Axis powers were Germany, Japan, and Italy (which joined in 1940).

It was led by Charles de Gaulle, the leader of the French resistance; Winston Churchill, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom; Joseph Stalin, premier of the Soviet Union; and Franklin D. Roosevelt, President of the United States.

It was led by Adolf Hitler, Chancellor of Nazi Germany; Benito Mussolini, Prime Minister of Italy; and Hideki Tojo, Prime Minister of Japan.

The Allied powers came into being through the wartime alliances of World War I.

On September 27, 1940, Germany, Italy, and Japan signed the Tripartite Pact, also known as the Three-Power-Pact.

The Allies came together to defeat the Axis powers, end the fascist regimes in Germany, Italy, and Japan, and prevent Germany from rising to power again.

The Axis powers were formed on two common interests: territorial expansion and overthrowing of Soviet Communism.

The Allies had a liberal and democratic regime led by some of the greatest leaders of history.

Staunch dictators led the Axis, exercising authoritarian regimes.

How Did the War End?

World War II lasted for more than five years, finally ending in 1945. In the final stages, several battles were fought, and Germany's downfall began in 1943. On April 30, 1945, Hitler committed suicide, and the war officially ended on May 8, 1945.

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FAQs on Difference Between Allied and Axis Powers

Q.1. What was the Difference Between Allied and Axis Powers' formation?

The Difference Between Allied and Axis Powers formation was the Allied powers were formed as a defence against the Axis powers during WWII; the Axis powers came together after the signing of the Three Power Pact.

Q.2. How was the Difference Between Allied and Axis Powers marked after the end of World War II?

The unconditional surrender of the Axis powers and their dissolution made them lose the war. The Allies tried to permanently destroy the war-making abilities of the Axis powers.

Q.3. Does the Difference Between Allied and Axis Powers exist today?

No, WWII ended in 1945, and the alliance was terminated.

Q.4. Which countries were part of the Allied and Axis powers?

During WWII, the Allies were Great Britain, the USA, the Soviet Union, and China; and the Axis were Germany, Italy, and Japan.