CGPSC Prelims Exam Preparation Strategy and Expert Tips 2022

By BYJU'S Exam Prep

Updated on: September 11th, 2023

CGPSC State Services Exam Prelims 2022. In this article, here we are going to give you a preparation strategy for the CGPSC Prelims Exam. So that it can prove handy for candidates who are going to appear in this exam. 

So, push yourself and prepare with full zeal.

CGPSC Prelims Exam 2022 Preparation Strategy

 The CGPSC Prelims Exam 2022 consists of two papers. The nature of the preliminary examination is objective type.

CGPSC 2022 preparation strategy:

  • Remain positive: Basically, the aim of the Prelims test is to examine the confidence and mental ability of an aspirant. Confidence comes with proper preparation. By the time the exam comes to a close, generally, most people think negatively about the exam. Avoid Negative Thinking! 
  • Do not study for at least one or two days before the exam: spend this time with your family or friends and do some creative activity. Do not read any new study material or notes, just revise what you have studied so far.
  • Keep yourself fit: During exam preparation usually candidates ignore their health, which leads to laziness. To maximize productivity do some regular exercises, pranayama, or yoga. Physical health enhances your mental performance.
  • Keep your mind calm: Don’t take much stress and pressure yourself about exam performance. Trust in your skills and hard work. Keep yourself motivated for this you can watch some Motivational movies. 
  • Don’t attempt any new mock test Before one or two days of the exam, don’t attempt any new mock test. If you score low, don’t think too much about the score you get, because it can make you feel less competitive. 
  • Check-in at your exam centre: Candidates are expected to be made aware of the examination centre at least two days before the exam date so as to avoid haste and clamour on the exam day. Make yourself aware of the examination hall distance and connectivity.
  • Eat healthy food: Candidates should eat light and healthy food as well as drink appropriate amounts of water so that the body remains healthy and active. Avoid junk food. Eat citrus fruits, protein-rich diet.
  • Get enough sleep: Most of the students study till late at night before the exam day. This can prove harmful to their brain and make them less attentive on D-day. So, adequate sleep is unavoidable for better performance.
  • Keep things handy: Don’t forget to take 2 printouts of your admit card, good quality blue/black ballpoint pens, hand sanitiser, face mask, a valid identity proof (like driving license, aadhar card, PAN card, etc), and 2 passport size photographs to the examination hall.

Good luck !! 

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